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The Apple Personal Computer

Classic Apple LogoClassic Apple

I sometimes like to digress from the usual writing of Windows, Mac and iPhone articles here on proposedsolution.com just for a change from the norm.

If you haven’t seen it, a few months ago I posted one of my all time favorite Apple adverts called ‘Think Different‘.

The ad posted below is by no way one of my favorites but it’s just so likeable.  Back when floppies were actually floppy and having 256 KB of memory was shockingly fast.  Is that a TV to the right?

Oh and that salesman (is that John Appleseed?), how jolly looking, and the kid pushing the keyboard randomly.  What about the guy writing at the back while looking at – well looking at a 5 1/4 inch floppy drive by the looks of it!

While I struggle to put a date on either the ‘Think Different’ ad or the one below I’m almost certain the one below is earlier!

The classic thing about this ad is the references to personal computer and the crazy number of corny lines such as “Grab a piece of the future for youself” or “drop by and sink you teeth into an Apple!”

Where do you reckon they were going with this stuff??  Anyway, enjoy!

Classic Apple Ad - How To Buy An Apple


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