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Are You An ‘iPhone Hater’?


iPhone:  Love it or hate it?

Are iPhones the novelty we’ve all being missing?

Just over an hour before Apple’s latest big announcement which could see iPhone OS 4.0 being release I’m going to ask the question – do you hate the iPhone??

I, like the 100’s of 1000’s of other’s over the festive period, decided to either treat themselves to a spanking new iPhone 3GS or were lucky enough to get one from Santa but has the iPhone become so popular that non-iPhone users are ready to scream??

I walked into my local bar last Sunday evening for a quiet drink and 30 seconds after entering I noticed three seperate guys all with their heads in their iPhones with their partners/friends/colleagues all looking on pretending to be interested but in reality they were surely terribly bored.

If you’re anything older than your mid 20’s you will probably remember how mobile phones of any description received this sort of attention when they first appeared in our pockets and the novelty of the monochrome screen and annoying ringtones was enough to draw a crowd in the local boozer.

That’s all different now.

Like it or not the novelty of showing your mates a new phone has gradually worn off and now it’s just plain normal to pull the latest Nokia or Sony Ericsson out of your pocket (and you dare not start changing ringtones in public).

So has iPhone brought a return to this annoying behaviour of spending the first half hour of your nights out with your mates comparing iPhone’s, becoming Facebook buddies and helping with the configuration of push e-mail and the App Store?

Will there be a new array of features to show off and demonstrate in all their glory such as proving to everyone beyond a resonable doubt that you are in fact sitting exactly where you thought you were and Google Maps via your built in GPS receiver can’t be wrong?

Well sadly the answer is – most probably Yes.

Consumer Smartphones are becoming massive and so massive in fact that those without one are becoming either very jealous or worse yet are becoming ‘smartphone haters’ or more precicly – iPhone Haters!

iPhone has a massive 70% of the market and it doesn’t look like slacking despite the launch of the new Nexus One from Google.  Vodafone in the UK sold 100,000 iPhones in the first week of launching it in the UK.

Perhaps the novelty of consumer smartphones will wear off far quicker than regular mobiles when they got popular in the lates 90’s.

Let’s hope so eh cause once it does I can start taking mine out of my pocket again, to make a call of course, without getting glaring looks from all the iPhone Haters among you!


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