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iSlate.com Domain – Owned By Apple?

In a recent exercise stemming largely from curiosity, this author decided to do some domain name investigations after reading all of the rumour articles regarding the impending Apple tablet/slate/big ipod style handheld computer. The results were interesting.

Apple seems to protect it’s product’s Domain Names through online brand protection company MarkMonitor Inc.

By performing a simple WhoIs search on many of the biggest and most recent Apple products such as ipod.com, iphone.com, ipodtouch.com, imac.com, itunes.com, quicktime.com, macbookair.com and many more I’m sure the result is usually the same which is that the registrar is MARK MONTIOR INC and the nameservers point to apple.com domains.  See the example below – imac.com

iMac.com Domain WHOIS Record

iMac.com Domain WHOIS Record


This in itself is not a big surprise as a lot of large companies tend to employee third parties nowadays following Microsoft’s minor hiccup some years ago when someone pinched the hotmail.com domain from under their noses when it expired.

What is worth noting is that the islate.com domain name is also registered to MARK MONITOR INC (see screenshot below) and while the nameservers currently point to Mark Monitor’s own servers you can bet your stars that come Apple’s announcement at the end of this month that domain will be firmly point towards ns1.apple.com!

iSlate.com Domain WHOIS Record

iSlate.com Domain WHOIS Record



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  1. Now that the new device has been announced, have you checked the WHOIS registry to see where the DNS are routed to?

    PS – Hope you are well and I am very much impressed with the site!

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