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Quick Review: NewsFire Free RSS Reader

newsfire rss reader logoDescription:

An easy to use, feature packed RSS reader for OS X that’s free for all since May this year.

What’s Good?

You can post articles you like straight to your Twitter, it has great integration and a clean, well designed interface.

What’s Bad?

Doesn’t validate feeds. If you add a dud feed, it just lets you.  So no guessing!

Feature List:

  • Supports
    • Atom
    • RSS
    • Podcasting
  • Features
    • Groups
    • Labels
    • Smart Groups
    • Search
  • Integration
    • iTunes
    • Post to Twitter
    • Spotlight
    • Blog editors
    • Import and export to/from OPML


David Watanabe from Canada.  Sounds like a nice guy. 🙂  Check out his blog


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