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Review | Cyberduck FTP for Mac OS X

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What is it exactly?

This is the mother of all FTP clients for MAC.

It’s an open source (yes free!) client that supports FTP, TLS, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud.

Need I say more?  Well ok then…read on.

What’s Good?

Cyberduck has a clean Finder like interface, it’s easy to understand and configure and won’t drain your resources.

I particularly like the Synchronize feature.  Basically, you can sync a folder on your Mac with a folder on say your FTP site.  So you can use that feature alone for a whole host of uses from back up to working on your website to sharing files with friends.

It’s browser may as well be Finder and even supports Quick Look live from the remote server you’re connected to.  As well as that Cyberduck will let you open the file in the browser which will show the actual URL.

Cyberduck also has external editor support for a myriad of editors including Text Edit and about 15 others besides.  The full list is on the authors website.

It has all the usual features for bookmarks and history and they work as you’d expect but it does have one very neat feature that utilizes Apple’s Bonjour protocol.  I started Cyberduck up on my corporate network earlier and a selection of FTP servers automatically appeared in my CyberDuck Bonjour tab.  Sweet.

What’s Bad?

  • Random crashes – A few times Cyberduck has just died in the middle of a transfer.  It’s infrequent.
  • Unexpected Behaviour – The button that normally collapses the toolbar common to most OS X windows minimises the program.  That’s a bit strange.
  • The Synchronize feature can be a bit clunky to get set up but once you have it it works well

Where to get it?

Cyberduck is available for download under the Open Source licence from the author’s website https://cyberduck.ch/


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