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Download: Chameleon OS X Bootloader

Download IconChameleon OS X Bootloader

Really cool, download Chameleon OS X bootloader but not for those who suffer allergic reactions when confronted with complicated terminal commands.

I use this utility during the Mac OS X installation guide:  Installing OS X on a PC:  The Definitive Guide

This download is provided free and without any guarantee that it will solve your problems.

You may however use it as you wish and distribute it freely to your friends and colleagues if it’s of some use.

This is Chameleon version 2.0 RC2 r640.  See Author’s website for latest version.

Download Instructions:

  1. Click the LIKE button in the blue download area below and the download links should appear automatically. Try REFRESHING the page if they don’t.
  2. Download the file to your desktop and extract the contents.
  3. Continue with the instructions in this article.

Download Links:

Problems Downloading?

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