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nLite is one of those utilities that is simply brilliant.

The developer of this app, Dino Nuhagic, has deservedly one loads of awards for his work on nLite.

nLite essentially creates a custom installation of Windows XP out of your original CD.  You can strip out all the rubbish that you don’t want and cut it down to just what you need.

On proposed solution I use nLite in a few articles.

Most recently, I used it to create a new Windows XP CD that included my new hard disks SATA drivers so that the setup didn’t bomb out.

This download is provided free and without any guarantee that it will solve your problems.  You may however use it as you wish and distribute it freely to your friends and colleagues if it’s of some use.

If however it is useful and does solve your problem, it would be nice if you would link back to this site, leave a comment, follow us on twitter or just say Hi.


  1. Download from one of the links below
  2. Double click the install file to run the setup wizard.
  3. If you are prompted to install Microsoft .NET Framwork then say Yes.  You must install this for nLite.
  4. Choose the Full Installation option and continue until the installation is complete.

Download Links

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