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Download: Policy.zip (Exceeded Profile Storage Space Fix)

Download IconDownload Policy.zip (policy.reg)

This is a registry file used to fix the issue with Windows XP where the user receives the error message:

Profile Storage Space – You have exceeded your profile storage space. 

Before you can log off, you need to move some items from your profile to network or local storage.

On Proposed Solution I use policy.reg to fix the Windows error “You have exceeded your profile storage space.” in this article:  Error: You Have Exceeded Your Profile Storage Space…

Download & Usage Instructions:

  1. To download the file simply click the LIKE button in the download area below.  After clicking LIKE the download link will appear.
  2. Click the download link to begin the download.
  3. Save policy.zip to your desktop
  4. Extract the file policy.reg to your desktop
  5. Double-click policy.reg
  6. If you receive and Open File – Security Warning click Run
  7. You’ll the be asked:  Are you sure you want to add the information in policy.reg to the registry?
  8. Click Yes > Click OK
  9. Reboot

Download Policy.zip

Last Updated 7th July 2012 - Fixed broken link.


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  1. Jeff says:

    the above download fixed the error of profile storage space exeeded.thankyou

  2. Chance Niel says:

    Wow! instant fix. i did’nt even have to do anything. as soon as the 10 second download was complete that little red circle with the X in it was gone. Pretty Cool! Thanx.

  3. TomF says:

    Worked great – Still curious as to how it happened in the first place, and why the normal settings under c: > quota didn’t help. Thanks, [email protected]@

    1. Rosco says:

      You’re welcome TomF, thanks for posting.


  4. Cassel says:

    Thanks Rosco, it worked!!!!

  5. Jay Dude says:

    Fantastic, The geeks who came up with this DO RULE….. Dam thing works like a charm.

  6. Jake says:

    Did not work, says ‘Cannot edit MaxProfileSize’

    1. Rosco says:

      Have you administrator access Jake?

  7. Anonymous says:


    1. terri says:

      didn’t work, oculdn’t get it to download

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