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Window 7 Shortcut Repair Registry File

Download IconRepair Windows 7 Shortcuts

This registry file can be used to reset the Windows 7 shortcut files (*.lnk) back to their default file associations.

Windows 7 can lose it’s default file associations for .lnk files if you are infected with a virus or if a user inadvertently causes a file type association problem.

This file is used as described in a recent article Windows Icons Are All The Same and all icons launched Windows Media Center regardless of the program the user tries to launch.

Usage Instructions

To use this file to repair Windows 7 shortcuts:

  1. Click the ‘Like‘ button in the download area below to begin the file download. (it’s the only way I can find friends ;).  This will release the download file.
  2. Save the file lnk_reg_fix.reg.zip to  your desktop.
  3. Unzip lnk_reg_fix.zip using your favorite unzipper!
  4. Double click the lnk_reg_fix.reg and accept the file merge warnings (or right click and choose Merge from the context menu.).
  5. Click OK when confirmed.
  6. Restart Windows.

This download is provided free and without any guarantee that it will solve your problems.  You may however use it as you wish and distribute it freely to your friends and colleagues if it’s of some use.


Any Problems?

If there are any broken links, incorrect information on this site or you have some valuable information to add to any article, please email me at comments [at] proposedsolution.com and I’ll update it a.s.a.p!  Thanks!

Updated July 6th - Fixed broken download link.


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  1. Alex says:

    It’s not working when I double click the registry file and accept the file merge warnings. An error appears. the window is titled “registry editor” and it simply says “Cannot import C:\Users\acarroll\downloads\fix_lnk.reg: Not all data was successfully written to registry. Some keys are open by the system or other processes.”

    What am I to do?

    1. Rosco says:

      Hi Alex,

      Try to apply the fix in Safe Mode? Also, this problem is caused by a virus in your system and should be cleared using Malwarebytes before applying the registry fix.


  2. adelio says:

    I get the same problem with alex

    and I have tried suggestions from you but still not working

    1. mikey says:

      adelio, restart computer press f8, click repair your computer and then select system restore, restart computer then boot normally. files will still look the same at 1st, but try to open a file and it should open. install malwarebytes and scan that should give you back the orginal icons. wish you luck. God Bless,

  3. mikey says:

    its important that you restore your computer to a date before this problem started.ok

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  5. neci says:

    thanks guys, d registry file worked…

  6. Oceanquest says:

    THANKS A BUNCH MYAAAAN!! such a relief …i almost pulled my hairs out coz of this freakin problem but this file worked >>> thanks aagain..made my day 🙂

  7. Hey this is a great story. I’m going to email this to my friends. I stumbled on this while surfing for some free downloads, I’ll be sure to visit regularly. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    please help me. I am not able to download REPAIR REGISTARY FIX FILE. A notice is coming of U.S court that this side is seized. what to do.

  9. Anonymous says:

    not work whit me sir

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  11. layne says:

    the link isn’t working ive “liked” the page 30 time lol. please email me the file lnk_reg_fix.reg.zip i would really be thankful.

  12. ikbal says:

    hiii i can’t get link download after like that. please send the links to my email.

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