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HOWTO: Setup Gmail & Multiple Google Calendars on iPhone or iPad

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Get multiple Google calendars on your iPhone or iPad by using Google Sync, Gmail and the Exchange option in Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

100% Advertising Revenue To Be Donated To Japan

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Proposed Solution will be donating 100% of advertising revenue generated on the site between 20th and 31st March. How can you help too?

Stop Google Redirecting To Local Country Site

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A 30 second fix to stop Google redirecting itself from to the local country or other language version of Google when abroad.

HOWTO: Move Google Mail (Gmail) Notes to iCloud

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If you’ve starting using iCloud to sync your Notes and need to move your old Gmail notes to your iCloud account then this tutorial shows you step-by-step.

Why Is Public Wifi So Slow??

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Frustratingly slow public wifi can make you want to tear your hair out. Follow these 4 simple tips to make your wifi experience a little easier.

HOWTO: Sync iCloud Notes Properly On All Your Devices

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Notes not syncing or showing up on your other iOS devices after enabling Notes in iCloud settings. Sync iCloud Notes properly on all your devices with this tutorial.

iPhone: Configure Auto-Lock & Suspend For Maximum Battery Life

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Fix your iPhones short battery life and stop it draining so quickly by making a few quick changes to the auto-lock and suspend settings.

iPhone Tips: How to Undo & Redo

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Quick iPhone Tip. How to Undo/Redo a typing operation on your iPhone similar to CTRL+Z in Windows or CMD+Z on a Mac.