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Anyone Can…Backup! – Launch Week 50% Discount

Anyone Can...Backup!

I’m very excited to announce the official launch of my very first ebook, Anyone Can…Backup!

Anyone Can…Backup! has been written to guide my readers of all levels through the often daunting prospect of setting up a remote backup system with minimal time and effort.

The book is based on the award winning, free software, CrashPlan, and has been written in clear and simple steps in the same style of writing as many of the articles here on Proposed Solution.

As with all articles here on Proposed Solution, feedback and comments are an essential ingredient in order to improve the methods and solutions and the same applies to the ebook.

Any comments and reviews you can offer will be as always very welcome and much appreciated.

77 Pages & 50+ Color Illustrations

  • Learn what a backup is and why you need them
  • Step by step direction on downloading, installing and configuring the required software
  • Three different options for where to send your backups
  • Advanced topics on scheduling and versions
  • Full 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if it’s not what you expected!


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  1. benno says:

    do you offer plr version of this book?

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