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Can’t open www.hotmail.com

Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail

Problem Description

When you enter the URL www.hotmail.com into Internet Explorer you get an error page and the URL changes. You have no problem accessing Hotmail from another computer such as your office or a friends.

Common Symptoms

  • You enter www.hotmail.com into your browser and you get the error “The page cannot be displayed”
  • The address changes to “https:///?%20www.hotmail.com” or similar
  • You have no problem accessing your Hotmail from another computer
  • Trying to boot into Safe Mode results in a Blue Screen


The above is occurring due to an infection of your operating system. A virus and/or spyware has infected key files within the OS and is causing the above symptoms. Continue below for your solution.


Solution 1 – Fix your HOSTS file

Spyware may have altered your hosts file. Follow these steps to put it right.

  1. Click Start > Run
  2. Type c:windowssystem32driversetc and click OK
  3. In Windows Explorer, locate the hosts file and double click it
  4. A helpful tip.

    If the file doesn’t open directly you will be prompted to ‘Open With’. Choose Notepad or WordPad and click OK

  5. Edit this file and sure the contents of the file is identical to the screenshot below. The only active line should be localhost
  6. You can ignore the first 17 lines as these are commented out with a pound/hash symbol
  7. Remove any other lines, Save & Close the file

hosts file...yours should look like this too

Solution 2 – Read Virus & Spyware Guide (includes instructions on using SDFix and Combofix)

Click Here


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