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Cannot Join Wireless Network – Windows 7 or Vista

Wifi Wireless Logo IconSolve your Windows Wifi Connection Problems with a few minor tweaks

Sitting in my hotel lobby in Mexico I was surfing away on my MacBook when I noticed a lady sitting across from me looking increasingly frustrated trying to work on her HP laptop so I offered to help her out.

She explained that Windows Vista simply refused to connect properly to any of the three wireless routers that were available here.  I knew they were working at least to some degree as my MacBook and iPhone were connected.

It turns out that the problem is caused by a combination of things; firstly some routers don’t comply to the wireless standards 100% as they should be and secondly Windows trys to auto-tune the connection so that it can utilize bandwidth.

It is this combination of factors that is causing the connections to drop almost immediately after authentication.

If this is happening you will probably be able to authenticate with the WEP or WPA password required and you may get an IP Address also but internet connectivity will never actually be established.

Full instructions on solving this below.

Solution: Disable Auto Tuning

  1. Click Start
  2. Type Command Prompt and right click on the Command Prompt icon above the search bar and choose Run as Administrator..
  3. At the command prompt, type the following and press Enter:
  4. netsh interface tcp set global rss=disabled autotuninglevel=disabled

  5. Close the command prompt
  6. Try reconnecting to the wireless network again


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  1. chad says:

    Is it possible to undo this because it did not solve my problem. i have a hp g60 and i can connect to most networks but there are just a select few i have trouble connecting to and this did not solve my problem

  2. Amitava Dasgupta says:

    We have 1 Mbps line from the Internet service provider and unlimited download facility to our college.Only ten user at a time through 3 wireless router to various floor. Still not getting enough speed .

  3. Janna Tipton says:

    I tried this and many other fixes and none have worked. I am using Windows 7 with a Netgear wireless adapter. I’m afraid that I have tried so many different things that one is causing the other to not work. I get limited connectivity message. Started after my computer ran some updates. I tried to restore but that didn’t help. I’ve been trying different things since Saturday morning. Help please!

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