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Can’t re-size window in Mac OS X

Can’t Reach The Right Corner?

You can’t re-size a window because you can’t reach the handle at the bottom right hand corner of the window.

Ye know, Mac OS X really is an awesome operating system – arguably the most advanced in the world – but sometimes with all this advanced think the simplest of things get overlooked.

The ability to re-size a window for example is only possible by dragging the bottom right hand corner of a window and isn’t possible with the keyboard in Mac OS X doesn’t exist.

When Does It Happen?

  • You’ve gone and made your window way too big and now you can’t reach the bottom right hand corner to resize it.
  • You’re monitor shrunk and now you can’t reach the bottom right hand corner to resize your window πŸ™‚ – yes, it happens (not physically obviously but the resolution!)

Enough of the speel, how do I fix it?

Below you’ll find a clever little program that allows you to resize your window using just the keyboard.

Download, Install & Run Window Wrangler

  1. Go to Mind Flow’s website by clicking here
  2. Click Download
  3. Save the file to your desktop
  4. Mount the image and drag the Window Wrangler to your Applications folder
  5. Double click to launch the application
  6. Open the program that has the bloated window
  7. Use CTRL + ALT + Arrow keys to resize the active window
  8. That’s it. Thanks to the author for this cool piece of software. He accepts donations at the url above apparently. πŸ™‚



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  1. goya says:

    There’s an easier way, just hold down your option key and click on the green button at the upper left hand corner.

  2. crammer says:

    option+greenbutton did it for me. thanks!

    1. pulsemod says:

      Thanks, much better solution

  3. Mike says:

    When your in Adobe Flash THERE IS NO GREEN BUTTON for the action script window! LOL I’m going to take a look at the recommended program to fix this

  4. Dummy says:

    LOL, I’ve got the same problem XD

  5. Jade says:

    Thank you Goya πŸ˜€

  6. Newbie says:

    didn’t work on the macbook pro – tried the command button and then the green button on the top left – this automatically changes it to landscape and from there can re -size πŸ™‚

  7. Goya says:

    It should be opt+green button instead of cmd+green button. πŸ™‚

  8. Tom says:

    Just hit the + button. The window will fill the screen and then you can re-size from the bottom right. very useful when unplugging a larger separate monitor.

  9. Carlos Verde says:

    Thank you, you are the only one that could solve may problem, after 3 hour of internet search.
    iBook Clamshell Firewire 366ghz

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