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Firefox Location Bar: Change Default Search Behaviour

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When you type something in plain text (i.e. not an address beginning www, etc) into the address bar in Mozilla Firefox it tends to perform a little bit of magic.


After hitting enter you’ll usually end up either on a web page that’s quite relevant to what you typed, on the Google Search Results page with results of what you typed or else you’ll end up on some other search engines results page like Bing or Yahoo with results of what you typed.


The default behaviour of Firefox is to do an “I’m Feeling Lucky…” Google Search but sometimes this can get altered to another search engine by something you’ve installed, manually or perhaps by installing a Firefox Add-On that unknowingly altered the behaviour.  Very annoying.


Fear not, the instructions below give you a step by step solution to resetting the default behaviour or you can choose to customize the behaviour however you like.



Edit Firefox’s Hidden Configuration

  1. Open a new Firefox Windows (CTRL + N) or a new Tab (CTRL + T)
  2. In the address bar type about:config > press Enter
  3. If you get a very amusing warning from Firefox saying something like ‘Here Be The Dragons’ then click the I’ll be careful, I promise button and tell ’em I sent ye
  4. Here Be Dragons! Firefox about:config warning

  5. In the filter text entry box at the top of the screen, type keyword will see only the preferences with the word keyword in them
  6. Firefox about:config keyword.url setting

  7. Now to reset Firefox to the default behaviour which is a Google I’m Feeling Lucky search then copy the following to your clipboard: 



  9. Now double-click the keyword.URL configuration option and paste the above address over whatever is there
  10. Optionally, you can paste in your favourite search engine’s URL and that should work too.
  11. Click OK and you’re done!


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  1. Raymonster says:

    Great! Worked instantly!!!

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