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Delete MS Word ‘OfficeAddin’ Sametime Toolbar

Microsoft Office Word OfficeAddin

OfficeAddin for MS Word

After installing Lotus Notes 8 or greater including the Sametime component you will notice that a new toolbar called OfficeAddin has been added to your Microsoft Word application.


Very annoyingly, this toolbar also does not want to go away easily so much so that right-clicking and de-selecting it makes it disappear for just a minute and even going into toolbars and selecting Delete will only make it disappear until you restart Word.


This article will tell you how to get rid of it for good!  Well, at least until you install Lotus Notes or an upgrade to Lotus Notes again. 🙂


And if you do, just repeat this process.


Through a combination of forced registry entries and a windows DLL the OfficeAddin toolbar keeps re-appearing in Word after each restart.

Luckily we can get rid of it quite easily by following the solution below.


  1. Close Microsoft Word (if it’s open)
  2. Right click the Start button > Click Explore
  3. In Windows Explorer, browse to c:\notes\framework\brokerbridge
  4. On the right hand pane, locate the file OfficeAddin.dll
  5. Right click on OfficeAddin.dll and rename to OfficeAddin.old
  6. Close Windows Explorer
  7. Start Microsoft Word and verify that the toolbar is gone!
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  1. Neil says:

    Thank you, this was doing my head in !!

  2. henry says:

    I am sincerely thankful for the solution!

  3. Salil says:

    This was really really irritating and I could never get my eyes off the wasted screen space that this useless toolbar was occupying. Gone now. thanks! Much appreciated

  4. Alex says:

    The above doesn’t work for me. Further research on this I found out the OfficeAddin.dll file actually exist not only where it described above but also in c:\notes\framework\rcp\brokerbridge folder. Renaming it to OfficeAddin.old works for me.

  5. Rosco says:

    Well spotted Alex.

    I can confirm that OfficeAddin.dll was present in both locations on mine too and renaming the the one inside the rcp folder has disabled the toolbar in MS Word. I’m using Lotus Notes 8.5.1 FP3 May 24.

  6. Tamnais says:

    Confirmed OfficeAddin.dll in c:\notes\framework\brokerbridge and c:\notes\framework\rcp\brokerbridge. Renaming dll in last directory did the trick for me as well (8.5.1 FP5).

  7. Ger says:

    Thank you!!!

    Mine was located here
    C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Sametime Connect\brokerbridge85

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