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Error 1923.Service Kaspersky Administration Server (CSAdminServer) could not be installed

Kaspersky Administration Kit Error


When running the installation wizard for Kaspersky Administration Server Version 6.0.1710 you receive an error and cannot go any further.  The error message is displayed below.

Restarting the installation or rebooting and then running the setup application again does not fix it.

Error Message

Error 1923.Service Kaspersky Administration Server (CSAdminServer) could not be installed. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services.


  • You successfully go through the various steps of the installation wizard for the Kaspersky Administration Kit but receive the error message just after the wizard starts installing the program.
  • This message continues to appear every subsequent time you attempt to install even after restarting the installation wizard, verifying permissions for the logged on user and rebooting.


This problem occurs because you have chosen the Domain User Account option in the installation wizard.


Step 1 – Use Local System Account option

  1. Abort the wizard if it is still running
  2. Restart the installation wizard
  3. Click Next on the Welcome screen
  4. Choose a folder to extract the files to and click Next
  5. After the files extract click Next on the second Welcome screen
  6. Read & accept the License agreement
  7. Enter your username and company name and click Next
  8. Select a destination folder or leave as deafult and click Next
  9. Select your desired features on the Select Features screen and click Next
  10. On the Server Properties screen choose Local System Account as pictured in the screenshot below
  11. Server Properties

  12. Finish the wizard by selecting your database options, file share, backup options, etc

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Please Comment! Add your comments below if this solved your issue or if you found that your setup was different. Please let us know your versions and what exactly you were doing when you had this issue so that we can update this solution and help others with the same problem.


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  1. Bogdan says:

    Yes, changing that option solved the problem with the admin.kit and kav 6 server. thank you !

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