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HOWTO: Disable Print Confirmation Balloon in Windows XP



This HOWTO explains how you can disable the often quite annoying little balloon that pops up every time you print to a network printer or sometimes a local printer from Windows XP.


The notification usually says “This document was sent to the printer” and contains information such as the name of the document, printer and date/time and page information.

This pop-up is set to show by default for all network printers but is hidden by default for local printers so this solution is also handy if you for some strange reason want to actually see this yellow balloon for all of your print jobs.




Briefly, when you print any document from Windows XP to a printer that is on the network in your home or office (so is therefore not directly connected to the back of your PC), a small little yellow notification balloon pops up from down beside the clock (which is called the system tray) to confirm that the document has been sent to the printer.

What’s more annoying about this is that it only confirms that it has been sent to the printer but does not confirm if it has actually printed.


  1. Click Start
  2. Printers & Faxes
  3. Click File menu > Server Properties
  4. Click the Advanced Tab
  5. Print Server Properties

  6. To prevent notifications from showing for locally connected printers (i.e. a printer connected directly into the back of your PC or laptop), clear the check mark in the first box highlighted in yellow in the screenshot above.
  7. To prevent notifications from showing for a network printer, clear the check mark in the second box in the area highlighted in yellow in the screenshot above.
  8. After you have made your changes click OK.


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