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Stop ‘Open File – Security Warning’ Appearing

Stop Open File Security Warning

In Windows XP when you double click a file (usually of type EXE, BAT or VBS but could be others) on a network share the Open File – Security Warning dialog box appears informing you that the publisher could not be verified.


  • When you attempt to double click a file stored a network drive you are presented with the ‘Open File – Security Warning dialog similar to the screenshot.
  • Clicking Run allows the program to continue but the dialog appears again the next time you try to launch the file


This is occurring because you are opening a file that isn’t local to the operating system and therefore is not trusted by it so Windows is basically asking if you trust opening the file or running the application.


Add Network Drive Path to Trusted Sites

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Internet Options
  2. When the Internet Properties window opens, click the Security tab.
  3. Click the Local Intranet icon (see screenshot below)
  4. Internet Properties Dialog Box

  5. Click the Sites buttonPlace a checkmark in the option Include all network paths (UNCs)
  6. Click the Advanced buttonClear the checkbox that says: Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone
  7. In the field Add this website to the zone: enter the IP Address or hostname of the network drive or share that you are launching your file from (see screenshot below for an example)
  8. Helpful Note Note: You can find out this address by taking a look at the Open File – Security Warning dialog box From: field.

  9. In my screenshot up above in the problem description section of this article you can see that the address of my share is
  10. When you have entered the IP Address or hostname of your network share, click the Add button
  11. Local Intranet Dialog Box

  12. Now click Close > OK > OK and try to launch your file again


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