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HOWTO: Share your Mac OS files with Windows over the Network (Part 2)


This is Part 2 of a 3 part tutorial on HOWTO set up both your Windows PC and your Apple Mac to allow you to access a shared folder on your Mac from Windows. If you’ve landed here by mistake and are looking for part 1 then click a link below.

HOWTO: Share your Mac OS files with Windows over the Network (Part 1)

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This HOWTO explains how to access your MAC files from a Windows PC. If you are looking for the opposite, ie. you’re trying to access your PC from your MAC then try this one:
HOWTO: Access Windows files from an Apple MAC over the Network

Solutions Below….


Step 2 – Add a User & Enable File Sharing

Now that you have verified that you can ping the Mac from Windows, you will need to enable file sharing on the Mac and add a user.

On the MAC:

  1. Open System Preferences > Accounts
  2. Unlock the panel by clicking the lock in the bottom left corner
  3. Under the Accounts Pane, click the + (plus) symbol
  4. Now enter the following (or customize to suit your needs)

    New Account: Standard

    Name: Windows

    Short Name: windows

    Password: password

    Verify: password

    Password Hint: Optional

    Turn on FileVault protection: No

  5. Quick Tip!

    If you make the above Short Name the exact same as your Windows username and the Password the same as your Windows password then Windows won’t prompt you for a Username & Password when connecting to your Mac

  6. Click Create Account
  7. Click Show All to return to System Preferences
  8. Click Sharing
  9. Click Options…
  10. Uncheck all options except “Share files and folders using SMB”
  11. In the box below, place a check mark beside the user account you just added (in my case windows) as per screenshot below.

  12. You will be asked to enter your password. This is the password for the account you just added (in my case password) as per step 4. above.
  13. Click Done
  14. Now we need to add a folder that we want to allow the Windows PC to access. Click the + (plus) symbol beneath the Shared Folders: pane
  15. Select aa folder from your finder that you would like the PC to have access to and click Add. For the purposes of this tutorial, I am going to share a folder called Music
  16. By default, in the right panel, Mac OS will give all users Read Only access. Don’t set this to Read & Write! That would be dumb.
  17. Instead, select the Music folder in the left pane, then click the + (plus) symbol beneath the Users: pane
  18. From the pop up dialog, select the user account that you added in step 4 and click Select
  19. Now you will see the user in the Users: pane with Read Only access. Click the up/down arrows to the right of the words Read Only and select Read & Write
  20. When you’re done exit System Preferences

Now go to Part 3:  HOWTO: Share your Mac OS files with Windows over the Network (Part 3) or back to Part 1:  HOWTO: Share your Mac OS files with Windows over the Network (Part 1)

Please Comment! Add your comments below if this solved your issue or if you found that your setup was different. Please let us know your versions and what exactly you were doing when you had this issue so that we can update this solution and help others with the same problem.


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