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HOWTO: Share your Mac OS files with Windows over the Network (Part 3)

Mac PC Windows File Sharing


This is Part 3 of a 3 part tutorial on HOWTO set up both your Windows PC and your Apple Mac to allow you to access a shared folder on your Mac from Windows.

If you’ve landed here by mistake and are looking for part 1 then click a link below.

HOWTO: Share your Mac OS files with Windows over the Network (Part 1)

HOWTO: Share your Mac OS files with Windows over the Network (Part 2)

This HOWTO explains how to access your MAC files from a Windows PC. If you are looking for the opposite, ie. you’re trying to access your PC from your MAC then try this one: HOWTO: Access Windows files from an Apple MAC over the Network


Step 3 – Map Network Drive

If you’ve gotten this far then you’re nearly there.

On the Windows PC:

  1. Right Click on My Computer and choose Map Network Drive
  2. Select a letter of your choice in the Drive: field
  3. In the Folder: field type \\\Music

    !Remember! Substitute for your own IPv4 address and Music for your own Shared Folder

  4. Click different user name as shown above
  5. When prompted, enter the short name and the password of the new account you added to your Mac. In the this tutorial that would be windows and password respectively as per step 4 in part 2 of this tutorial
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Finish

At this point, your PC should connect to your Mac and a window should open automatically displaying all of the files in the folder you shared on the Mac. If it doesn’t work, here’s a few pointers –

  • Temporarily disable the firewall on both your Mac & PC to see if that’s blocking it
  • Double check your TCP/IP settings
  • Go back over the steps and make sure username, password, shared folder, etc are all correct
  • Leave a comment below and we’ll see if we can sort it


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  1. Bennett says:

    FANTASTIC!! I’ve been trying to do this on my wife’s PC forever. This tutorial worked perfectly!

    1. Rosco says:

      No problem Bennett.

      Great to hear from people that had success using my tutorials.


      1. KKelly says:

        VERY helpful! Thank YOU!

  2. Art Schwartz says:

    The sharing preference for my Powerbook G4, Titanium500, does not show any files, so in Step3, #3, I cannot put the name of the file to connect to. It will not connect.

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