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iPhone: 3G, Is It Really Necessary?

iphone-3g-edge-speed-comparison3G Sucks The Life Out Of Your Battery

This article appears as a part of my iPhone Battery Saving Tips & Tricks series.


Battery life or lightening quick Internet on your iPhone?  There’s always a trade off.


I would suggest that it’s quite a big trade off IF you’re doing some serious browsing, downloading or uploading but if you’re doing everyday stuff like flipping through your RSS feeds, reading mail, checking the weather and so forth it might not be such a big sacrifice if it means that you’re battery will last longer.


iPhone Enable 3G Toggle SwitchThere are a few notable points, good & bad, about 3G.  The most obvious low point is that 3G zaps your battery so badly that Apple are even keen to point this out not only in their documentation but also on the iPhone Network Settings interface itself (as shown to the left).


To give this much screen real estate to something negative must surely be a legal thing.


Tests have shown that you’ll get at least one hour extra battery life out of your iPhone 3GS when using Edge instead of 3G and that’s if you’re using it constantly.


So the suggestion is, leave 3G off unless you absolutely need it.  Try it for a while.   Keep reading for instructions on how to do it.


This has been carried out and tested on an iPhone 3GS running iOS4.

Toggling 3G On & Off

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Network
  4. Toggle the Enable 3G switch to OFF
  5. Press the Home key to return to the springboard.



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