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iTunes background has gone PINK!


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In Windows XP or Windows Vista you’ve recently upgraded your Apple  iTunes to the latest version (7.71 or later) as prompted and when complete you re-open iTunes only to discover that the background is pink or purple.

There are no apparent options in iTunes to change the background color.


  • After upgrading iTunes the background where iTunes lists your music is pink or purple in color instead of the usual grey/white
  • The left sidebar in iTunes is a dark blue or dark grey color


This does not mean you’re music collection is a bit sad (even if it is). It’s caused by the color depth in Windows being set to less than millions of colors.  Read on for a solution on how to fix it.

Pink iTunes


Change Windows Color Depth

Windows 98 or XP Instructions:

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Right Click on your Windows Desktop
  3. Click Properties
  4. When Display Properties appears click Settings tab
  5. From the Color Quality drop down menu select Highest (32 Bit) and click OK
  6. Start iTunes

Windows XP Display Properties

Windows Vista Instructions:

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Right Click on your Windows Desktop
  3. Click Personalize
  4. When Personalization appears click Display Settings link at the bottom
  5. When the Display Settings screen appears select Highest (32 Bit) and from the Colors drop down field and click OK
  6. Start iTunes


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