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Non-System Disk or Disk Error

Got a floppy disk inside or is it something else?

After switching on your computer or after restarting Windows XP you receive the error message ‘Non-System Disk or Disk Error’ and cannot get into Windows.


You receive the following error message when starting or rebooting your computer:

Non-system disk or disk error


The above error message is usually caused by a non-bootable removable media such as a floppy disk or CD inserted in the computer when attempting to boot.

A non bootable disk or CD inserted can also cause the NTLDR is missing error.   See this article for more troubleshooting guides or keep reading on below for more.

Solution – Error: Non-System Disk or Disk Error

Solution 1 – Remove non bootable media

  • Remove any floppy disks, CD’s or USB sticks from your computer and restart.

Solution 2 – Follow the NTLDR is missing error troubleshooting article

  • This error message is often seen in conjunction with the NTLDR error. Follow the troubleshooting guide found here


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  1. bones says:

    after restarting Windows XP this morning i receive the error message ‘Non-System Disk or Disk Error’ and cannot get into Windows.
    i have disable my floppy and other movable component no avail. i have tried to boot my pc with my xp cd no solution

    1. Rosco says:

      Did you follow the NTLDR troubleshooting steps as suggested in Solution 2 above?


  2. Dimeji says:

    I on my system and is coming up with non system disk or disk error, please what do I do?

  3. Dimeji says:

    I open my yahoo inbox, every time I try to open a mail my system shutdown, what do I do

  4. Anonymous says:

    thank you

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