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No Quicktime Sound on Mac

Get Perian To Turbo Charge Quicktime For Mac OSX

Perian Turbo Charges Quicktime For Mac OSX

Can’t hear any sound from Quicktime movie?

  • You attempt to play a video through Quicktime player for Mac and hear no audio but the picture looks OK
  • You attempt to play DivX or Xvid ot other format videos on and can hear no audio





Even after installing the recommended CODECS, Quicktime can struggle to play various formats including AVI, XVID and FLV.


Sometimes you will see just video and the audio will be absent.


Install Perian.


Perian is the “Swiss-army knife for Quicktime” and it’s Open-Source (i.e. free!).


It truely does rock and has solved a multitude of audio and video issues that I’ve experienced on my Macs.


Get it here:  Download Perian


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