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SATA Windows XP Driver Finding Service

Who’s This For?

Anyone who is trying to create or ‘slipstream’ their Windows XP CD (as described here) and needs the SATA (Hard Disk) controller drivers to put onto the CD/DVD using a program such as nLite and simply cannot find the drivers for their system.

How Does It Work?

Simple really – After you submit your details using the form below, Rosco will locate your SATA driver and send you a direct download link within 48 hours – usually much quicker though!

How Much Does It Cost?

$5 (limited time only…get it while it’s hot!)

If the driver can’t be found or doesn’t exist, you will get a refund – no questions asked.

Sounds Great, What Next?

  1. Securely send Rosco $5 via PayPal or AlertPay.
  2. Complete & Submit the short form below.

[gravityform id=”2″ name=”Find My SATA Drivers Service” ajax=”true”]

 Small Print (actually, same size as everything else)

  1. Your SATA driver package will be sent to you as a download link.
  2. This is not a CD creation assistance, private tech support service.  After you’re sent the driver download link – my work is done (I might consider a CD creation assistance service in the future…make me an offer I can’t refuse!).
  3. The driver will be from official sources (motherboard/chipset manufacturers, PC manufacturers, etc) and will be tested and verified to be VIRUS FREE before being sent to you.
  4.  Your email address is safe – not shared, poked or prodded.
  5. Happy New Year (it might be June by the time you’re reading this).


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