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Tip Submission Guidelines

By submitting your Windows, Mac or iPhone tips and tricks you are helping to build an online community, assisting other users and contributing to an ever growing resource of valuable information.


A keyboard shortcut to minimize all windows and show the desktop in Windows XP, 7 or Vista is simply Windows Key + M!

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In order to maintain the highest standards and to maintain usability for everyone please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Duplicate Information
    • Ensure that the tip you are submitting is unique to this website. You may search the site using the search bar at the top before submitting your tip.
    • Please refrain from copying tips or other forms of information from other websites or resources. In many cases this is illegal and benefits no one.
    • No external links. This is to deter spammers.
    • All tips will be validated for copyright infringement prior to being posted on
  • Keep It Short
    • These are tips, not a thesis. Leave the lengthy articles to me! Tips should be concise but complete.
    • Images usually aren't required but if you do think a screenshot would help your tip then you can follow up your tip with an email to tips [at]
  • Copyright
    • By submitting your tips you are agreeing to allow your tip be published on and any partner sites, e-books or other physical or virtual publications as we see fit.
    • This is done without compensation to the author at any time.
  • Removal
    • reserves the right to not publish or remove a previously published tip at any time. Not all tips will be published. You will not be notified.
  • Validation
    • Your tips will be validated to ensure they are correct and may be edited to correct errors or incorrect information.

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