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Catchme is a powerful utility designed by to remove malware and other malicious files.

It is NOT an anti-virus program – it IS a virus removal tool.

It does not have a bloated user interface and quickly and efficiently cleans your system.

Unlike a mainstream antivirus program such as Symantec, Kaspersky or McAfee, it is free and you do not install it and it will not slow your system to a halt.

Simply download it , run it click scan button and allow catchme to scan your system.

The file, catchme.exe, that can be downloaded below is hosted right here on, a trusted source.

  • Catchme.exe removes thousands of known viruses such as trojans and worms.
  • Works for all current versions of Windows up to Vista (try later versions, it might work)
  • You need administrator access for this to work (default for most Windows users)

Usage Instructions

To download catchme please do the following:

  1. Click the ‘Like‘ button in the download area below to reveal the download links (REFRESH page if you don’t see it after clicking LIKE.)
  2. Save the file catchme.exe to  your desktop.
  3. Double-click catchme.exe and it will extract launch a simple user interface.
  4. Click the scan button.  A dos window will launch and display progress messages.
  5. When the scan is finished, go to the Scripts tab and click the Run button if anything was found.
  6. Click Restart.. button.

This download is provided free and without any guarantee that it will solve your problems. 

You may however use it as you wish and distribute it freely to your friends and colleagues if it’s of some use.

Download Links:

This file is now hosted here on!

Simply click the Facebook LIKE button and the download links will appear.

The file is just 1.5MB and verified virus free.


Problems Downloading?

Updated July 22nd 2012

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  1. What does this mean?

    “detected NTDLL code modification:
    ZwEnumerateKey 0 != 47, ZwQueryKey 0 != 19, ZwOpenKey 0 != 15, ZwClose 0 != 12, ZwEnumerateValueKey 0 != 16, ZwQueryValueKey 0 != 20, ZwOpenFile 0 != 48, ZwQueryDirectoryFile 0 != 50, ZwQuerySystemInformation 0 != 51Initialization error”

  2. Can’t imagin MORE S T U P I D way to give a download !!!!! No download links do reveal NOWHERE ! Why not do a NORMAL downloading way !? FUCKING STUPID GUY !