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Note: does not ordinarily distribute Microsoft patches or software however in this case the file below is required in order to effectively remove the Conficker virus as well as other viruses. 

These viruses prevents users from accessing the domain and it s therefore necessary to provide this file as a service.


This is the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool which should be used to effectively remove the Conficker Trojan virus as well as many other malicious strains.

Further details on the steps required to remove Conficker can be found in this article:  Cannot Access Certain Websites – Conficker Virus Removal

Download & Usage Instructions for Malicious Software Removal Tool:

  1. Download either the 32 bit or 64 bit version of the tool by clicking the LIKE button in the download area below.
  2. After clicking LIKE the download links will appear.
  3. Save the file Windows-KB890830-V4.9.exe (32 bit) or Windows-KB890830-x64-V4.9.exe (64 bit) to your desktop.
  4. Double click the file to launch the tool and click Next on the welcome screen.
  5. Select Full Scan > click Next.


Download 32 Bit Version (Windows-KB890830-V4.9.exe)


Download 64 Bit Version (Windows-KB890830-x64-V4.9.exe)


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