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  1. hi..
    I am not able to find my lappy sata driver could you please find itfor me.
    My lappy model is : HP 530

    • Hi Arun,
      No problem. Here is a link to the file you need for the drivers.


      Download the file and run the installer but cancel the creation of the floppy disk if you are following the instructions in this article.

      The actual driver file should extract to C:\swsetup\SP36131 so be sure you Browse to this folder when following Step 10 and 11 above.


      • hi pleas tell me about my sata drive where can i download can you find it my laptop model is toshiba satellite C870D-116 thanks

  2. I am not able to find my lappy sata driver could you please find itfor me.
    My lappy Model is: Acer Extensa 4220

  3. I cannot find the drivers for my laptop. HP Presario Version 3016 notebook PC. I have a CD that came with it called Application and Driver Recovery DVD. Is that something that would work? If so, how do I put it on my desktop to use in making the custom CD? Or is it even necessary? Thanks. I am obviously a newbie to this depth of computer stuff.

    • Hi Sheila, It doesn’t look like your laptop has an SATA controller judging by the documentation on HP’s support site. Why are you creating the CD with SATA drivers? Does Windows XP Setup prompt you for a driver during setup?


      • Hi R,
        Thank you for replying. I am not really sure what I am doing. But I got an error that says Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt
        so, I thought I’d use my XP CD and click on R to repair the corrupt file (forgive if I don’t use the right terms as I am not a techy person and have just gathered all this info from online searches). Well, when I did it got so far and then said Setup did not find any hard disk drives… so, I found your page as a link from this one: https://www.proposedsolution.com/solutions/windows-xp-setup-setup-did-not-find-any-hard-disk-drives/

        And then I needed to make a floppy disk, so I dug out a a very old computer in storage that has a floppy drive, found some old floppys and was going to dial-up (yep an old computer) and get the drivers but cannot find them.

        maybe I’m totally on the wrong track. Any advice. I just want to either repair my computer, or reinstall XP and keep going, but I cannot get either to work.

        • Ok Sheila, Let’s concentrate on the original error….the error “Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt
          WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/CONFIG/SYSTEM” suggests a corrupt registry.

          Do the following to restore a previous version:

          1. Access the Recovery Console? See this article: Three Ways to Get Into the XP Recovery Console
          2. Restore a previous version by following this article on microsoft’s website: How To Recover From A Corrupt Registry

          Let me know how it goes.


          • Thanks Rosco. I’ll try it, but way too tired tonight to focus on all the new info. I’ll definitely try and get back to you. Thanks so much for helping me.

  4. Greetings,

    I am looking for SATA drivers for Pavilion 6609wm. Also went from Vista to Xp 2 yrs ago, if that matters. can’t find at hp site; been trying a prog called total commander that hp site recommended; no help so far. Any help wuld be appreciated; thank you.

  5. hi i m looking for SATA drivers for Compaq Presario CQ40-601TU…

    Please find my drivers..i want to install Xp..but its not happening as i have no option to disable SATA native support to install Xp. currently i m using windows 7…thanks..

    i m waiting

    • Hi salman, similar to Happy’s HP system above. The drivers are located inside the Chipset driver download for Windows 7 available on the HP support website.

      Even though you access the download by choosing the Windows 7 OS on the HP site the extracted files contain an SATA driver for Windows XP also.


  6. Good morning, we have a HP XW6200 Workstation but we are not sure about the driver we need. We would really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Lucia,

      The HP XW6200 Workstation is using an Intel Chipset.

      We can tell this by going to the downloads section on the HP Support site for this model and choosing Windows 2000 as the Operating System and then expanding Chipset.

      It has a single download which is the “Intel Chipset Software” and by clicking into this download we can see that it supports Windows XP, etc.

      Hope this helps.

      I’ll be posting my response to this comment as an example of finding your SATA driver in an upcoming article.


  7. thank you very much..!!!it works for me..!!!i have no floopy drive and i make iso file(windows xp) with the sata drivers into,and i burn it to a disc.i boot from the cd and it worked..!!!thanks so much..!!

  8. Hi Rosco,

    I have been trying to find SATA Drivers for my Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV600 with no luck…Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  9. Hi Rosco,

    I am looking for SATA Drivers for HP Compaq nc 6320 model. No luck so far. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  10. Please help! I am trying replace original hard drive 100GB to Seagate ST9750420AS 750GB. Laptop IBM Thinkpad-T60-1953. Can not find driver. Please help. Thank you.

  11. need help!!! i can’t find my sata drivers, i have a toshiba notebook satellite a305d-sp6905r,

  12. Plz Find My sata Drivers and NoteBook PC is Compaq Presario CQ40-601TU , Motherboard manufacturer is Intel Pentium(R) Dual Core [email protected] Present my Notebook is not working thats y i cant find drivers will you plz find it me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Hi SuryaKiran,

      I downloaded and extracted the Windows 7 chipset drivers for your laptop from the HP support site and discovered that your chipset is an Intel Series 5. You can download the driver from here: https://www.proposedsolution.com/downloads/intel-sata-drivers-for-express-5-series-ichxxx-epxx-esb2/

      Also, a note to other HP/Compaq users – it seems that HP don’t document on their downloads page that the Chipset drivers support Windows XP when in fact they do. By downloading and extracting the Windows 7 Chipset drivers for any model I have downloaded to date the README.TXT file enclosed clearly states that the drivers are for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2003, 2000 and 2008 server.


  13. Hi, I went to HP’s site to D/L my SATA driver. When I went through the process of making a CD through nLite which included this driver, nLite asks to insert either a single or multiple drivers. Okay, so I click single like you suggest here and I locate the folder where I D/L the driver’s file to, but it does not “see” the file. The file extension says it is looking for an ‘.inf’ file and it does not see it in that folder. The D/L was not in this file extension. Is there something I missed? Is there a way to D/L in this extension or something I need to do with nLite so it will “see” this driver’s file?

      • Read carefully the info about D/L and installing the Chipset driver but it says if I go the F6 route, I’d need a diskette driver to install the driver. If I’m not mistaken, that’s a floppy drive right? Being that this is a laptop it does not have one so yeah, gonna go the ISO route. Can you direct me with how to burn an ISO through your instructions here?

        • OK…I got the file.

          So the INF file you are looking for during the nLite wizard is located in the C:\swsetup\SP32555\XP folder but only after you have run and extracted the sp32555.exe

          Will you give that a go and let me know?


          • Hi, just had time to come back on here…five kids and a hubby will do that, lol. Okay, you had asked for a model number. Are you referring to the laptop? If you are, it is an HP Compaq nc8430. I will try to make that ISO with your instructions. I do have that file, the sp32555.exe but hadn’t opened it, run it as I wasn’t sure if running it would install it on the laptop I was running and cause some type of conflict with my own system. Other than the SATA driver, is there a way to remove everything containing the floppy drive? Or would that cause a problem if it installed without one? Also, the BIOS for the original installation hardly have any options compared to other computers I have used. The BIOS for the laptop I am fixing have many security options as the laptop is a retired one for NASA. Is there a way to install any new updates there have been for the BIOS? Or a way to install any type of upgrades for the BIOS that might be available as an optive update? Thanks.

  14. Hi Maria,

    You can run sp32555.exe on another system without much danger. Just run the file and the first part of the wizard will extract the files you need to c:\swsetup\sp32555\XP then you can cancel the wizard without actually modifying the system you’re working on.

    You do not need any floppy disk or drive for this operation. Just run nLite (as per instructions) to create the ISO and when get to step 11 browse to the c:\swsetup\sp32555\XP folder to select your INF file.

    The latest system BIOS is available from the download page that you sent me in a previous comment. There are three options but they are all the same BIOS just different methods of installing it. The third option is probably best. It allows you to create a bootable CD.


    • It hadn’t occurred to me to ask sooner and I only thought about it as I was beginning to watch a tutorial I found at you tube on how to slipstream Windows XP. At the beginning of the tutorial, the narrator lists the things I’d need to slipstream Windows XP. One of those he lists is the “Original Windows XP disc”. Since this laptop was given (not to me but to a friend of mine), it did not come with its original disc. I called HP and they sent me out an XP Professional operating disc w/service pack 2 for reinstallation and repair only. Can I use this disc to create a slipstream?

  15. Trying to reinstall winxp 32 bit, I cannot locate my particular sata controller driver, I have a gateway laptop model mx 6214, please help

  16. Hello,

    I’m trying to install windows xp home edition on my hp pavilion dv9450eb witch was preinstalled with windows vista home premium.

    I have searched for more than 2 hours but can’t find the exact driver. I also look at the HP support page but they only give a driver for vista and not for windows xp.

    So hope you can help me out here!

    greets from Belgium =)

    • Hi Glenn,

      It’s highly likely that the XP driver is bundled inside the Vista download from HP’s website.

      Have you downloaded and extracted the VIsta file and taken a look?


      • Hi rosco,

        I tried the vista driver but it didn’t help. But after a lot searching I found a website where I could download my driver. So problem is solved and xp is running smooth now!!
        I also found an internet, audio and graphics driver for my machine!

        Thx for this tutorial it really helped me out!

  17. Hi Rosco,

    I need help on ASUS A42F. I have already try to create win XP CD with SATA Driver and choose (in nLite) Intel (R) 5 Series 6 port SATA AHCI Controller and Intel (R) 5 Series / 3400 Series SATA AHCI Controller, but still get blue screen on windows setup.

    Can you help me with the right version of SATA or procedure that I probably get mistaken?


    Note: I create win XP SP2 CD with your “Intel_SATA_Drivers_Express_5 Series_ICHxxx_EPxx_ESB2.zip” in nLite

  18. Hi Rosco,
    Could you please help me to find the sata drivers for a laptop Amilo Fujitsu Siemens Pi 1556?
    Thanks a lot for your help.

    • i succesfuly burned the new win xp with sata drivers. but its the same output. the new win xp can’t boot. after the “Press any key to boot from cd” screen, it will be dark screen, then if im pressing the buttons in keyboard, it beeps. how do i fix this?

  19. Hi Rosco,

    I wrote to you back in March (see comments above) asking about the SATA driver for the Windows XP Pro. In one of your replies to me, I read that you mentioned using a new BIOS from the following link that I provided for you:
    You said the the third one would let me create a bootable CD. I downloaded the file already.

    My question is: where when I’m running the nLite would this go into to? And what file would I open from what I downloaded? If you download it yourself, you can see what files are in the downloaded file. I am not sure which ones to use to create the new BIOS.

    Also, could you direct me to a thread you may have open about data rescue, getting data off of external hard drives that are not responding anymore.



    • Hi Maria,

      The nLite CD with Sata drivers and the BIOS upgrade CD are two different things.

      1. To upgrade your BIOS, download the BIOS upgrade file as mentioned before and run it on a working PC. You should be prompted to insert a blank CD. When the CD is created boot your PC from this CD and the BIOS upgrade process should begin.

      2. For the nLite Windows XP CD with Sata drivers – follow the instructions in this article. As mentioned before, your SATA INF file that you must point nLite to in step 11 is contained within the sp32555.exe file that I believe you have already downloaded. To extract the INF files, run sp32555.exe on a working PC (prefereably the one you are runnign nLite on) and the contents will be extracted into a folder in the C:\ drive.


      • I will do the new BIOS download and let you know how it went. As for the SATA drivers download and the iso disc I burned…well, I followed the directions I saw here and in a video off youtube but after three tries, I did not have an iso disc, even though I followed the directions.

        I found this link: https://youtu.be/TCk6nZ_xn4s

        And I followed it EXACTLY…and voila! I have an iso disc, along with SP3 and the drivers. I thought I’d put the link here in case someone else needed it.

        Now I have to use it to re-install XP Pro onto this laptop. I have tried once already and it seems to be doing the same thing as before, just stalling at “Setup is starting Windows”. I shall continue to try and install Windows on this.

        • Okay, so did a second burn for the iso disc cause I’ve been trying to install Windows XP Pro onto this laptop for the last half an hour and it just keeps doing the same thing like when I kept trying to install the original Windows XP Pro disc…it’s not going pass where it says “Setup is starting Windows”…the disc just stops spinning in the disc drive. I made sure I clicked on the folder that has all of the inf files in it from the SATA driver download from the HP page at the link I posted sometime back up above.

          I would appreciate any help here, anything you might think that I am doing wrong or didn’t do when I burned the iso disc. I’ve got two perfectly good copies of the Windows XP Pro disc but I still can’t get the SATA drive to respond to the installation.

          • I just wanted to add this that I forgot to mention if it helps…this is a brand new HD in the laptop. I wanted to upgrade it to a bigger one…it’s a 400GB up from the original one of 80GB, same maker, Fujitsu.

            • Hi Maria,

              Let’s step back a bit for a minute.

              1) Have you upgraded the BIOS yet? This is a mandatory step especially now that you’ve revealed that you’ve installed a massive hard disk.

              2) Is the new hard disk detected in the BIOS?

              3) Have you tried booting a different PC to verify if your Windows XP CD is working?

              4) Explain how far the Windows CD boots – do you get as far as the Windows XP Setup screen? Does is stop on a black screen? Try to explain the various screens and messages you see.


              • OK, Let’s work on the BIOS upgrade first.

                Copying the file to a CD is not correct.

                Please go back to HP’s support site and follow the Install instructions for creating a bootable CD with the BIOS download file.

                It’s as simple as executing the file on a working Windows PC and following the on screen instructions to create either a bootable floppy disk, CD or thumb drive.

                Let me know when you’ve successfully completed this step.


          • So I had already downloaded it to my laptop. I went through the process again. I downloaded the file and have the following items in a folder:

            1) HPQFlash.exe
            2) HPQFlash.log
            3) ROM.CAB
            4) WSSP40182.rtf

            The file itself from the HP website is: sp40182.exe

            I opened the HPQFlash.log and read the following:

            05/18/2011 20:51:22.766 — START NEW HPQFLASH SESSION, HPQFLASH version —
            05/18/2011 20:51:22.766 Command line =
            05/18/2011 20:51:32.626 WMI BIOS Flash function is not supported on this system. Program will stop.
            05/18/2011 20:51:32.626 Exit hpqFlash: Return Code = 0x103
            05/18/2011 20:51:32.626 — END HPQFLASH SESSION —

            And also got this box warning:

            HPG Flash Wizard

            This system does not contain the necessary WMI support for this version of HPQFlash. Please use a version of HPQFlash prior to version 4.0.

            So it stops going through the process. Can I use any of the items that are in that folder to install the new BIOS?

        • I had thought that was the problem…I didn’t know which third one you meant…top to bottom or bottom to top. I have downloaded it and am going through the instructions. These are the instructions:

          “Before starting the process of creating a bootable CD, please check the following items:

          1. Available optical device is capable of writing a CD or DVD.
          2. Application software for burning a CD or DVD. Select HP notebooks factory configured with a CD or DVD burner include ”RecordNow! CD&DVD Recording” software.

          NOTE: The following instructions are specifically written for users with the RecordNow! CD&DVD Recording software. Users with other CD or DVD burning applications should use application-specific instructions for creating a CD from an ISO image.

          To create a bootable BIOS ISO image file on a CD/DVD, complete the following steps:

          1. Insert a blank CD or DVD into the CD/DVD recordable drive.
          2. Click “ISO Image” to obtain the ROM.ISO image file. ISO Image.
          3. Double-click “ROM.ISO,” which launches the RecordNow! CD&DVD Recording software.
          4. Click the Burn button to start creating a bootable BIOS upgrade CD.
          5. With the newly created bootable CD in the drive, restart the notebook. The notebook should now boot from the CD. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the BIOS update.

          Okay, so I don’t have that ”RecordNow! CD&DVD Recording” software. I used the nLite software to make the iso disc. I am not sure if I can use it to create the bootable CD with the BIOS on it. If I can, let me know. If I can’t use it, what programe do you recommend?

          If I hadn’t let you know already, you’re really helping me out and I’m learning a WHOLE lot! You’re awesome and you rock. I’ll keep checking back here and I’ll keep trying on my own end to find out how to make that disc and what to use to make it.

          • Well I burned the CD with the new BIOS, I got it to update on the laptop, and then I ran the CD with that burned Windows XP Pro on it, and it is doing exactly the SAME THING.

            I went into the BIOS and it looks exactly the same, nothing different other than the version, it was F.10 and now it’s F.16 I believe. I still does not show the HD. Like I said, it looks exactly the same. It still stops at the same place too, right where it says “Setup is starting Windows”, the disc stops spinning and then nothing happens.

            One thing if it helps, when I use option F12, the Network Service Boot, upon trying to boot. It lists all of these functions, then towards the bottom which passes by really fast, it says:

            PXE-E61: media test failure, check cable
            PXE-MOF: exiting HP PXE ROM

            Now, it’s been saying this all the time since it stopped working.

            I stumbled upon this site: https://www.nocrash.com/ncbbs/msgs/3576.shtml

            I read several of solutions to the problem I am having. The most extreme for a similar laptop to this one, made by the same company is to remove something called the BIOS battery. The guy that wrote the comment said:

            “I found out that this damn notebook has, like any other stupid computer, a bios battery.
            It’s located in the deepest corner of the bottom and if you want to reach it you MUST disassemble everything and remove it, BUT IT WORKS !!! Download the Service Manual, it explains how to disassemble the notebook. Once you reach the motherboard, disassemble it too and under it is the battery…remove it and reassembled it without the battery and in the bios it said something like “Updated Configuration”.”

            So I’m going to read through this thread and try different things. Also, I have run the HDD memory test at least three times already and those three tests that a long time to finish. The test does see the hard drive yet in the system information it does not see it.

            I will check back here tomorrow. Thanks for everything so far. It’s been helpful.

  20. 1) I downloaded the new BIOS and copied the whole file onto a disc. I put it into the CD drive of the laptop but it doesn’t do anything other than say “Ctrl+Atl+Del” and an all black screen, in other words, it says there’s been an error. I went into the laptop’s BIOS several times already but there are hardly any options other than the order in which things get booted, which would be the CD-Rom or the notebook’s hard drive. I can change out the hard drives and go back to the smaller one in order to get Windows installed. Would that work?

    2) I looked on it right now…it gives the following information under, “System Information”. It says the notebook model number, the processor type, the processor’s speed, the cache size, the memory size, the ROM date of 12/19/2006, the ROM BIOS version of F.OF, the notebook serial number, the laptop battery’s serial number, the keyboard controller version, and the video BIOS revision date of 08/15/2006. I doesn’t show the HD anywhere. I will change out the hard drives and let you know if that made it ‘see’ the small hard drive tomorrow morning as it is almost 2am here.

    3) Yes I did try it out on another computer to see if it works. Also, that is the first thing I did once I burned the iso discs, to check to see if they worked as well.

    4) I get as far as how far I get…I get to the Windows setup screen and then it stays blue, like if it’s still working and installing, but it stops. The disc stops spinning and it just sits there, motionless. It goes through everything just fine, opening up all the files. Sometimes though, because I did it many times, it would freeze and stop before it would get the Windows setup spot where it usually stops.

  21. Okay, so this morning, I swapped out the drives…it still doesn’t see it. I did a hard drive test on the original HD, the 80GB one and it took about an hour, tried to re-install Windows, and still nothing. When I try the option to boot from the notebook’s HD, the screen just stays black with the little cursor at the top left side. What can I do to make the laptop see the HD?

    Everything was working fine before, HD working fine. I had explained before that I did a disc sanitizing and that’s why I got the larger HD in case the original one wasn’t working anymore, as some other places suggested it might be non-funstioning after the sanitizing, and that’s also why I needed to re-install the SATA drivers as they had also been wiped out.

  22. RH:
    1. My sis has a dying/dead Acer laptop which I promised to try to revive. I intend to remove the probably dead hard disk and buy a new one of exact or nearest specs hoping this similarity will mean it is supported.

    2. With a new hard disk, what should I do? My sis has lost her recovery disk so I am starting from scratch with a new hard disk.

    3. Should I start by

    a. using nLite to make a BIOS CD?
    b. then use nLite to make an XP CD using my current working XP pc Recovery Disk? [The Acer laptop has an old XP licence number sticker].
    c. Then, in the dead Acer laptop, install the BIOS from CD drive?
    d. Then, similarly install the XP os?
    e. Then, can I then connect to the internet and install this DriverMax program? If so, can I then use this DriverMax program to then download and install all the drivers the Acer needs, assuming DriverMax can identify the individual hardwares?

    4. Would this use of DriverMax be an easy solution? [spam URL removed]

    5. Please advise.

  23. Does this work where there is no operating system?
    I created the bootable CD but nothing happens when I load it into my shell machine!

  24. RH:
    6. Further to my comment above, I discovered that there are many free os from Linux. So I downloaded Ubuntu 11.04 into my good Win XP pc, burned a DVD-R with the ISO image and put this DVD-R into the dead Acer and powered on. Lo! The Acer laptop came to life running the Ubuntu right from the DVD-R [slower than if installed]. It would be even better to save the Ubuntu into a thumbdrive and stick it in the laptop. This method of running the Linux from the optical drive or thumbdrive usb port DOES NOT DISTURB YOUR EXISTING WINDOWS AND FILES.

    7. Next, having confirmed that the entire dead Acer laptop can work, from the DVD drive, I installed Ubuntu onto the hard drive. Lo! It installed fine, meaning the drive is not dead. So I now have a working laptop but running Ubuntu, not Windows.

    8. I have some bugs to fix but I found Linux to be exactly as easy as Windows in use, with graphical interfaces and commands by mouse clicks. Every bit like Windows. There are tonnes of softwares for Linux, too, including Chrome browser, which means, instantly, that your entire internet experience is same as Windows Chrome experience, since it is the browser that is important, not the underlying os. Using WINE, you can also install Windows programs into Linux. You can also install Linux side by side with Windows.

    9. To make your computer boot from the CD/DVD drive or the usb port with the Linux thumbdrive, so that it can run the Linux instead of booting first from the hard drive where Windows may be installed [not in my case], you need to go into the BIOS SetUp to change the boot order. For my Acer, this means powering the laptop on, then keep pressing the F2 button at the rate of about 1 press every second, until the screen displays the BIOS SetUp pages [5], one of the pages giving you the Boot Order settings. Check your manual for which button to press [if not F2 for Acer].

    10. Apparently, the easiest Linux flavours at the moment are Ubuntu and Mint. If you have difficulties with either, do check back a few months later when newer versions are ready, when current bugs are worked out. My current bug in my Ubuntu 11.04 is probably from Adobe, which wrote a file called FlexNet deep into the memory, to prevent users from uninstalling and then reinstalling Adobe stuff so they can use it forever without buying. Good Luck!

  25. I also want to integrate SATA driver with my xp cd but i can’t find it by myself.Please help me.
    HP G62-111EE Notebook PC(i3)
    Product No: WR323EA#ABV
    I have bought it from UAE.So search in HP website for Middle East

  26. I want to make XP CD, and followed ur suggessions but failed once so far, the SATA drivers downloaded may be the wrong one! So plz help me to find the correct one. My Lappy is Compaq Presario CQ42 355TU. My downloaded one is sp47923

  27. Hi Rosco,
    One question – does the building of the custom XP CD have to be on an XP machine? I created quite a few yesterday on W7 with no success (only came across your article today).

    • Hi Suzi, I only tried this on an XP machine however it should work from Windows 7 also. You just need to make sure you’re tell ing nLite to use XP cab files to make the CD.

      • Hi Rosco,
        I have a 64bit W7 Pro machine, and tried without success to run Colin Mcrae Rally 2005 in an XP Mode Virtual Machine. (its a game that my husband loves and refuses to part with!!) We decided to buy a second HDD and create a proper XP environment which is where my problems started. I have since managed to create a custom XP CD on an XP machine, with the SATA drivers for the new machine (this does seem to be key, as I didn’t do anything differently). Only problem now is I can only boot in XP on the W7 machine. If I set the boot order to only use the XP drive, I get a ‘No OS’ type error, and when I set the machine to boot from the W7 disk, I get XP!! I think I somehow managed to overwrite the boot sector on the W7 disk as I didn’t disconnect it while setting up XP (I think it happened when XP wants to restart after going through the initial setup.) No real loss here as we haven’t used the new machine as such. I will just put it back to factory defaults and then disconnect the W7 drive when I create the XP drive again.
        At least I’m further on than I was…I would never have thought to create the CD on XP.

          • Sorry you can install 32 bit windows xp on 64 bit processor.I have sucessfully installed that 32 bit xp on a laplop having 64 bit processor.I think you are doing something wrong.

  28. Hi Rosco
    I’m looking for a driver for my Samsung HD160JJ hard drive (internal). Hope you can help. The desktop it is from is a Dell Dimension 4700. Would you advise updating the chipset driver/firmware also?

    • Hi Frank,
      It’s actually the chipset (motherboard) you need the driver for and not the hard disk itself.
      For the Dell 4700 you should download the Chipset driver from this page https://dell.to/paowHy.
      In relation to your chipset/formware question – I believe you’re talking about the BIOS here and Yes it’s always advisable to have the BIOS up to date. You can find the latest BIOS update on that same page.

      Hope this helps.


      • Hi Rosco

        I’ve had no luck with that. The files I downloaded from your suggestion aren’t .inf files so, when asked to insert the drivers, I can’t.

        Any other suggestions? Appreciate your help.


        • Hi Frank,
          Your Dell is using the Intel 910 Express Chipset so you can use the drivers contained with the download from the Intel site:


          There are two files there, try downloading the first one and running the EXE file. It should extract all INF’s to a folder which you can then use to create the CD.


  29. Hello, My friend came up with the blue screen problem and I offered help, I wanted to do the ‘repair’ option as it worked for me once. However I encountered the message ‘Windows Setup: Setup did not find any hard disk drivers’ that lead me here, I do not want to install a new Windows just to repair but I think that instructions here lead to the same, to enable computer read the cd and then either repair or reinstall the system right? I therefore Tried to follow the steps but I am not sure what drivers i need, on the HP website I found the chipset driver(s) [there are 2 of them] and also the intel SATA AHCI Controller Driver which I think is the right one but well I am not sure.
    I attempted to step involving Nlite and I browsed for my DvD drie and chose my WIndows XP Restore disc however Nlite did not let me choose this so i think it may be a wrong disc but i am not sure. As you see I have a few questions here, and i see that you still answer to people’s problems so maybe you will spare some time to answer me as well.
    thank you, regards

    • Hi Daniel,

      It sounds like you have to correct driver from HP (SATA AHCI Controller Driver) but I’m not sure about that Windows CD.

      In nLite, try browsing the hard disk instead of the CD drive and see if you can locate an i386 folder containing Windows Cabs files. If this doesn’t do it then see if you have a Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional Edition CD/DVD and use that.

      Still not working, tell me the model number of the HP and I’ll take a closer look.


  30. Hi I read the article above and followed the instructions, the only problem is the correct driver I have is a zip folder with no .inf file to select. I don’t know what to do to solve this? Could you please help me, I have a Gateway MA7 with a raw drive. Thank You.

  31. HI i am looking for SATA drivers for my ACER M1930 desktop i want to install XP on it.the sata drivers on thier site is for windows 7.please can you help me i am getting a blue screen.

  32. my laptop is compaq Presario V3000 and i have download the sata driver.
    however, i cant extract the sata driver to from .exe file to .inf file.
    since the nlite only can read the .inf file. i am rushing my thesis.Help!!!!

    • JS When you run the .exe file it should extract the contents to a folder on your hard disk. I think the folder is C:\swsetup . Give it a try.


  33. hi rosco,

    i cant install window xp on my compaq presario v3659TU because dont have SATA driver. Even on the compaq/hp website also dont have driver for SATA because originaly it comes with window Vista. Can you help me.

  34. Hi Roscoe,
    I have a Compaq Presario SR5310 with Intel 945GC chipset. I set the SATA 1 controller to disabled and CD boot as 1st option. The XP disc won’ start up and all I can get is the message “reboot & select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device”

    I was then going to try your option 2 and downloaded a SATA AHCI Controller driver from Compaq but could not see the .inf file you said to look for. Do you know which SATA driver file I should download? Thanks.

    • Hi Richard, If the XP CD won’t even boot then the SATA driver won’t do you any good.

      Try troubleshooting the problem with the CD first. Check if the XP CD will boot a different PC or try a known working CD in your PC and see if that will boot.

      If when the CD is set as 1st boot device you still need to press some key combination to trigger the CD boot process.

      I’d advise you to reset your BIOS to defaults and then try booting from the CD pressing the appropriate key(s) when prompted. It’s a good starting point.

      • Thanks Rosco. The XP CD boots when SATA 1 is enabled but the BSOD comes up at the end. It’s only when SATA is disabled that I get the message “reboot & select proper boot device…” no matter which key is pressed.

        What about the other option…if I install a floppy drive which SATA driver should I download to use when F6 comes up?

  35. I am looking for the sata drivers for a western digital 250g hard drive. I went the their website (westerndigital.com) but couldn’t find it. The model is wd2500bevt -22a23t0. I have nlite and my xp install cd but just cant find the sata driver. I am trying to install it on a gateway ma6 laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Luke, The sata driver should be for your motherboard’s sata chipset and not for the actual hard disk. What’s the model of your PC?

  36. I wanted to say thanks for this tutorial since I have the laptop i was upgrading and it already had vista and I wanted to go down to XP i was able to find the information in the device manager to make sure I selected the right file to inject in the CD it was very helpful!!

  37. Hi, My server actually is AVAYA s8800(redhat) Intel Xeon E5500 , but I wish to install
    windows server 2003. When I running setup, it prompt the message can’t detect hard disk as same problem like above. I success to install Ubuntu, but failed in windows XP ,2003. I also tried to use nlite make custom CD, maybe i use wrong driver?

  38. Could you direct me for the correct sata driver for an Intel desktop motherboard DZ68BD?
    Thanks in advance.

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  40. I am sure someone from the forum could help me provide the exact SATA driver for my HP Pavilion DV6915nr. Thanks, so I could I build an XP WIN integrated with SP3 packs…

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  42. Hi i was wondering if you can find my drivers and maybe see if it will work my computer is a Dell Dimension 8400 with a J3492 motherboard.

  43. I started with SP2 Pro Win XP CD (2002). Made and burned ISO, but when I put it in PC with SATA drive, it wanted the SP2 floppy. What did I do wrong? It is not clear what I am supposed to do at Step 8. Is there a tutorial?


  44. I downloaded a recovery console for XP following instructions in https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic270018.html, next I found the proper SATA drivers and downloaded them. I created the recovery CD from the ISO file downloaded, I followed exactly your directions. I downloaded, installed and run the nLite software but it did´t allow me to continue in the step number 6. Once I select the CD that contains the recovery console files shows a window warning about a directory i386 that it should be in the CD, which is in the CD. It doesn{t allow me to continue with the next step.

  45. So I’m having trouble finding the appropriate driver. I’m using a Dell System 8400. In the Processor Info is just says: Intel (R) Pentium (r) 4 CPU 2.30 GHz. How do I know which of the drivers to use?


    • Start, control panel, system, device manager, Expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, right click Intel(R) ICH8M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller

      expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, Right click Intel(R) ICH8M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller select properties, click driver (careful there are two driver tabs) details, it will give you
      both driver name and file version In my case it was a iaStor located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\iaStor.sys

      But of course yours would be diff. Actually on the first screen showing Driver you would want Intel(R) ICH8M-E/M SATA AhCI Controller as name of driver then Google this stuff
      until you’re familiar. The actualy driver file will be about 300 or 400 Kb. Careful pick the 32bit driver. Besta luck

  46. My question is with an operating system of windows xp pro. I bought a new sata internal hard drive and trying to install xp but do not have the sata drive. I can get the drive off the dell site but the problem is the floppy disk as max out at 1.44mb and the chipset drive is 4.8 mb. How can I put this drive on when installing the operating system. I have tried the nlite program but it is not going as the way you have described in this section. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated, thanks.

  47. Hi I’ve downloaded a driver for an Acer Aspire 4710 Sata driver (AHCI). But I’m unable to locate any .inf files. Any Ideas?

      • Amazing! It’s a genuinely amazing piece of writing, I have
        got a much clear idea concerning from this post.similarly, I’m searching for a Linux or windows program that I can keep running on a tablet that will let me know what SATA chipset the PC has. truly amazing and very informative your article.

  48. i have just solved the problem – i put my laptop into native mode i dont know what it does or why but for installin win xp sp2 it worked

  49. hi Sir,
    please help me. i am facing the problem of hard disk not found in my hp pavillion dv6700. i am not able to run the window xp setup on it. the above steps are very easy and clear but i am not able to find the required driver to carry further the process.. please tell me which driver do i need to download from the manufacturer’s website. there are many drivers like audio , video, chipset, modem etc.. please tell me from the below link what do i need to download …

    i had vista but i have formattted my hard drive… i want to put xp now… so plz help me out…
    please mail me the details on my email id.. i will be thankful to u.

  50. Dude, your instructions worked absolutely to a tee. I did struggle a little but only because i am not used to reading instructions. Amazing how well that works sometimes. Thanks man this saved me. I reload laptops and desktops for a living and this was the first one that had me in a corner. But your methods worked great. NICE!!

  51. hi..
    I am not able to find sata driver could you please find it for me.
    My pc’s model is : Dell Dimension 8400

  52. Wow, I’ve spent all day lookiing for solution to get the new HDD for my laptop to install windows and this was finally it. nLite worked great to add in the SATA driver. My only recommendation would be to correct/update the nLite directions (this is perhaps due to changes with the newest release?). At any rate, THANK YOU!

  53. Hi. I have a Compaq CQ60-218EA which has had a new HDD fitted. I have tried to install windows XP, Vista and 7 but it continually asks for the HDD driver (SATA I presume). I have tried various methods (slipstream, DVD and USB) of installing SATA drivers but it continually says that the drivers are not compatable with the hardware. The laptop has the AMD Sempron CPU. I would be grateful for any advice and any links to the correct SATA drivers. Many thanks. PG

  54. Hello, I am not able to find my sata driver. Could you please find it for me.
    My laptop Model is: HP Pavilion G6-2011 SQ. Code b4w98ea. I found some drivers only on Romanian HP support site, but nothing for this purpose. Please help.

  55. HI, i am looking for drivers for a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo, all i can fins are the Vista drivers but nothign for XP. Any help would be most grateful.


  56. i need intel sats drivers i have a new book with xp pro going to be installed on it ..what i can see is it says in the bios that the mother board is vga bios version intel 1585,,and its a gateway netbook lt20 serios…can u help me out .please sent the link to my email if u want to

  57. here is my chipset i need sata drivers for this
    chipset8.3.0.1018_xpx86 its for a gateway netbook lt20 series
    i need to make an xp disk and put in the sata i need to make the os work…ty hope u can help me

  58. Compaq cq57 439wm with amd e-300 apu with radoen tm 1.3mhs 2 core logica; Im currently running window 7 what driver do I need to run xp2 I cannot find the right 1 ive searched everywhere please help thks.

  59. Can you please find my SATA driver for my gateway M460? I am using Windows Xp3. Thank you very much.

  60. dear sir;
    really thanks for your usefull training.
    will u find sata driver for my laptop mini samsung n-102-s for windows xp Home edition (without service pack).
    thanks again.

  61. Can you please help me I am having trouble finding an extractible version of my Laptop’s SATA Drivers I have (an) HP Envy dv6-7229wm any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Shane J.

  62. I have a crashed computer was on vista the recovery files were on the hd. Have a copy of xp I wanted to install but need the sata drives for it. I have a hp laptop pavillion dv6-1130tx I am unable to access the bios setting for ide / sata I am so frustrated and keep been led all over the hp website as I am in Australia. I dont seem to be able to access there drives . Please help if you can. Samantha

  63. Hi
    I have a HP Desktop computer model SG3-210K with Windows 7 installed. I wish to install Windows XP in a dual boot confguration For that I need the SATA controller driver. A motherboard identifier utlility has identified the MOBO as a Foxconn Model 2AAF with an AMD chipset 780G . I cannot find this model of mobo on the Foxconn website The mobo itself has the following printed on it: PBKYD0FD6ZJ13E and H-HIRA-R5780L-uATX:1.2 I contacted Foxconn and they advise that this mobo may have been manufactured under contract for HP and that I should contact HP. The HP website only lists the Sata driver for Windows7 As the computer is out of warranty they make it very difficult to get support If you can identify a suitable driver I would be most grateful

  64. Go here (add world-wide-web to the address):

  65. Thanks Gabriel for your comment I still have problems trying to build a dual boot configuration so I’ve given up, it’s not important

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  69. Hi Rosco I am having the same problem when trying to install windows xp Pro on my dell xps 400 pc. I also get the blue square with the white letters message on my screen telling me to insert the manufacturers disk. And unfortunately, I to don’t have it. Consequently, I would really appreciated if you assist me to obtain the sata driver for my pc. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


  70. Hello
    I’m looking for a linux or windows program that I can run on a laptop that will tell me what sata chipset the computer has. I use nlite but I’m looking for a small program to tell me the chipset, I can do the rest. (no operating system loaded on drive)

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  74. Hey,
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  77. Hi,I have DEll workstation 690 and wneh I want to instal win XP,the cd start and when it comes to “format” ,pc advice that there is no hard disk(althought I bought new sata hard disk).
    Thanks in advance to your help.

    All the best.

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  79. Hi there, can anyone help me find sata drivers for Toshiba, Satellite L650? The chipset is intel 5 series HM55 sata controller, I can download the chipset wor windows use but I can’t use it for slipstream, I cant find the appropriate drivers on intel or Toshiba site. Is there a generic driver I can use? spent days looking to no avail.

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    LAPTOP MODEL : HP 15-ac044tu

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  82. hi! im having a bit of a problem with my external hard drive. its a wd2500bevt-22a23t0 250gb harddrive and im using it as an external hard drive. unfortunately i cant find any drivers for it.can you help me out please?

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