Cannot Connect To Windows 2003 Share


  • You receive the error “Cannot connect to server because user’s name or password are not correct” when trying to connect to a Windows 2003 Server shared resource from Mac OS X
  • This has been reported on Mac OS X 10.4




Windows Server 2003 is attempting to digitally sign all inwards communications which is not supported.



  1. On the Windows 2003 machine, open Group Policy Management Console by clicking Start > Run
  2. Type gpmc.msc and press OK
  3. Expand the Domain Controllers branch
  4. Right click on Default Domain Controller Policy and click EditGroup Policy Editor will open.
  5. Expand the following branches in the left pane:  Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Security Options
  6. Locate the following setting in the right pane: Microsoft network client: Digitally sign communications (always)
  7. Double click the setting and choose Disable > Click OK
  8. Reboot Windows 2003 Server
  9. Following the reboot, try to connect from the Mac using Finder > Go > Connect to Server and typing in your connection details as you did before getting the error message.

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