NTLDR is missing. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart

NTLDR is missingmissingNTLDR is missing

After switching on your computer or after restarting Windows XP you receive an ‘NTLDR is missing‘ error message and cannot get into Windows.

You will usually have no choice but to switch off the computer or restart by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL.

This article describes several possible solutions to solving the NTLDR is missing error and get your Windows XP PC up & running again.


You receive the NTLDR error message when starting or rebooting your computer:

NTLDR is missing.  Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.


The NTLDR is missing error message is usually caused when the following conditions exist although there are other causes of NTLDR errors:

  1. The primary partition is formatted with the FAT32 filesytem
  2. The computer starts by using INT-13 extensions
  3. The heads value in the FAT32 BIOS Parameter Block (BPB) does not match that of the physical disk drive

NTLDR Solutions

Step 1 – Remove non bootable media

  • Remove any floppy disks, CD’s or USB sticks from your computer and restart.
  • If NTLDR is missing error appears again, proceed to step 2

Step 2 – Copy new system files

    1. Boot the computer using a Windows 95/98/ME startup boot diskette or bootable CD – If you haven’t get one then use one of these Windows Recovery Discs
    2. Backup MSDOS.SYS by issuing the following commands at the command prompt (pressing ENTER after each command):

      attrib -h -r -s c:\msdos.sys

      rename msdos.sys msdos.old

    3. Now copy new system files across by issuing the following command and pressing ENTER at the command prompt:

sys c:

Note: Sometimes the above command fails if you are using a Windows ME boot disk. If it does following solution ERROR: Cannot find the system file in the standard locations on drive C

  1. Rename MSDOS.OLD back to MSDOS.SYS by issuing the following commands and pressing ENTER after each at the command prompt:

    attrib -h -r -s c:\msdos.sys

    copy msdos.old msdos.sys

  2. Remove the boot disk/CD and insert your Windows XP CD
  3. Restart the computer by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL
  4. Ensure you boot the system from the CD.  The system will then boot into the Windows XP Setup.
  5. At the welcome screen press ‘R’ to enter the Recovery Console
  6. At the recovery console, select your Windows XP installation and enter your Administrator password if requested
  7. At the command prompt issue the following commands and press ENTER after each command:



  8. Remove your Windows XP CD and restart the computer
  9. If the NTLDR is missing error appears again after reboot, proceed to Step 3 below.

Step 3 – Windows Repair

  1. After Step 2 above, it is sometimes necessary to run or re-run the Windows XP Setup repair process
  2. If step 2 did not solve you issue re-insert your Windows XP CD and run Windows Setup again
  3. If NTLDR is missing error appears again, proceed to Step 4 below.

Step 4 – Download & Run BCUPDATE2

Occasionally this NTLDR error is caused by too many files in the root folder and an issue with an out of date windows version.

BCUPDATE2 is an official Microsoft fix for the NTLDR problem but is difficult to find and cannot be downloaded directly from Microsoft without first contacting support.

This can be solved by downloading and running BCUPDATE2.EXE as follows:

    1. Download BCUPDATE2.EXE by clicking here (this will open in a new window/tab)
    2. Copy BCUPDATE2.EXE into the root folder of a Windows 95/98/ME boot diskette or CD
    3. Boot the computer using the boot diskette or bootable CD
    4. At the command prompt issue the following command and press ENTER:

bcupdate2.exe C: /F

  1. When prompted to update the volume press Y
  2. After you receive a confirmation message, remove your bootable diskette or CD and restart your computer.

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  1. hello and thank you. very clear explanation. actually, more informative than what I’ve found at ms.

  2. when i enter “rename msdos.sys msdos.old” it says there is no file named msdos.sys!!!! Help Me!!

  3. people just google fix ntldr and find the floppy diskkett or usb image burn it to your device boot from it and your good to go. )

  4. when iam inserting the xp-cd..press any key to boot from cd is displaying ….i press the enter key then displays the same msg.how i rectify this problem…plz send me…

    • i need a floppy disk for Windows ME because my NTLDR is missing and i need this to help me fix the issue

  5. the problem is that i cannot boot a windows cd or usb.
    the ” press any key to boot from cd ” message does not appear.
    please help

    • Hey George…sorry for the delay in response…I’ve been busy getting married 🙂

      Did you sort this out? If not, let me know and I’ll see if I can help you out a bit.


      • Rosco,
        I have a dell inspiron 510m laptop. “NTL DR is missing” message keeps coming up. I press F12 to go to boot menu. I insert my dell
        cd “Drivers and utilities”. I select to boot from cd-rom.
        This gives me 4 choices
        1. Run 32 bit dell diagnostics
        2. Open a DOS session
        3. Reboot the system
        4. Quit without any action.
        I try 3. and it just comes back to ntldr is missing again. Press ctrl+ Alt etc. Help please

        • Peter…option 3 is doing exactly what is said it would do – reboot the system. What you need to do is open a DOS session and follow the steps in Step 4 – Download & Run BCUPDATE2 from the article above.


          • Rosco,
            I downloaded this from the article above and put it onto
            a blank CD. I set up a DOS session from the the boot disk
            and typed in ” bcupdate2.exe C: /F ” when I was prompted
            and I got the following reply:
            CDR103: CDROM not HIGH Sierra or ISO-9660 format reading
            Drive D Abort, Retry, Fail?
            I did have to format a cd to copy the file on to. As I
            could not find a root file on the boot disk.

    • Hi, George
      How did you solved your problem. I have the same problem as you did. I can’t boot from CD and USB. The only please I can boot from is my hard drive. How did you get rid off that NTLD is missing after reboot from MS-DOS.

  6. Hi when i start my laptop its giving the error msg saying that NTLDR is missing, press ctrl,alt del to restart. My laptop is lenovo think pad SL510.

    after inserting windows XP cd , after checking all files it giving some error msg say check for viruses or hard drive somthing like that.. i jus want to recover some of my data.. please can you tell me how to do that???

    Awaiting your response

  7. Hi,
    am looking for a solution from you. Am using acer aspire one..
    in which i don’t have cd drive. I am using pen drive to boot.. and whenever i open it says ntldr is missing…. please please please help……

  8. hi,
    my friend’s system is giving error message “NTLDR is missing
    Press Ctrl Alt Del to Restart”…..he got this problem while trying to install the OS, which he failed due to corrupted CD… i have no other options ….. i have tried setting BIOS priorities……could some one please help me…..he has two dvd drives in it (of which one doesn’t works)…. and a FDD…

  9. My system is giving error message “NTLDR is missing
    Press Ctrl Alt Del to Restart”… I got this problem while trying to install the OS, i have no other options ….. i have tried setting BIOS priorities……could some one please help me…..Ihave dvd drive in it but doesn’t work also don’t have FDD…

    Plz help me someone….

    • Hi Dattatray,
      You mention that you go the problem while trying to install the OS. How were you installing the OS?

      Was it from a CD/DVD?


  10. Rosco I want to know that I have no window because I formmated all the 4 partition hard disk now i tried to intall vista it said something like this:

    Boot from CD:

    Press Ctrl+alt+delete to restart

        • OK Kenny…Answer these q’s:

          1) What’s your PC make/model?
          2) How did you format the disk?
          3) Have you ever booted successfully from CD?
          4) Do you know how to get into the BIOS?
          5) Do you see any message on screen when you turn on the PC asking you to press a key to select a start-up device?



          • 1. My pc is armed
            2. I use a xp disk and i went to the part where you divide your partion and there were 4 partition and i press delete to each.
            3. Well the pc was formatted my an adult of my father.
            4. The bios is the something blue stuff? Yesterday I press optimized default setting Bios O.O
            5. Well yess F8 for something i dont remember
            F9: Select boost device
            DEL: Something like setup where its appear blue stuff

    • Kenny, the problem for you is simple:
      when you get the “press any key to boot from the CD” you have to quickly press a key. if you don’t, and wait too long, then you’ll recieve the “NTLDR is Missing” error message.
      once it boots to windows setup, select repair.
      its that easy!!!

      • I did select the CD of window vista but then it appear

        Boot From CD:

        NTLDR Missing
        Press Ctrl Alt Delete to restart

        • Yesterday I dont know what I did.

          Now even i press F9 it doesnt happen Anything i Can only press DEl for the Bios setup

    • OK Kenny, seems like you have XP installed successfully…so I suggest you follow STEP 3 above which is to perform a Windows XP Repair using your Windows XP CD. Insert the CD, press F9 and choose to boot from it until you get into the Windows Setup and then choose the option to Repair.

    • Hi again Kenny, It seems that you are indeed in a muddle. Is there anyone there that can help you?

      If you cannot press F9 and access a boot menu then there is very little you can do here.

      1) Is there a floppy drive in the PC? If so, have you a bootable floppy?

      2) If no floppy option, do you have an alternative bootable CD to try?

      3) When you hit DEL and get into the BIOS, do you see Startup Options or Boot Order? What are they set to?

      The bottom line here Kenny is that you need to boot the PC from removal media (CD, DVD or floppy) somehow before you can make the hard disk bootable.

  11. hi rosco I am able to perform up to step 2 where I boot using my windows xp CD and then I choose “r” to repair windows xp installation. It then bring me to the window xp recovery console (black screen) with the C:\> thing. But when I tried to keyed in the command “attrib” as stipulated in step 2, it says there is no such command. Any advice?

  12. Dear,

    i am installing Windows 7 in my macbook air and facing the problem on “NTLDR is missing……”. what can i do to fix it.


    • Hey Rock. It’s highly likely that this is being caused by something entirely different than documented in this article.
      How are you trying to install windows 7? Are you using bootcamp?

    • Hi Ankur…I’m not sure about Kenny’s problems. He saved to have many and may have been unrelated to the NTLDR problem described on this page.

      Can you describe your issue in a bit more detail?



      • hi Rosco…,
        i am using acer laptop with windows xp sp2 in it.
        its dvd rom is unable to detect any cd/dvd.
        Actually when i used to switch on the laptop it says to choose one operating system from windows xp and professional. then i edited boot.ini file to not to show that option. and it was succesfully done.
        At last when i was closing that edit program, after closing i mistakenly deleted that file.
        Due to that my laptop shows ntldr is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart error.
        now i have to solve it through usb or a floppy.
        How should i do ??
        Pls help me..

  13. Hi Rosco! Ive got the same problems as all the rest of the peeps picking your brains so Ive read your advice & Im guna give it a go . Ive have read pages & pages just like this but I have gota say you are doing a grand job! So patient!!

  14. ok i get the ntldr ctrl+alt+delete restart deal, the hd is blank tho no windows and it will not let me install windows iv tried using the ultimate boot disk sigh i was a a lil lost on that one and i got no where so how in the world do i repair it? i tried partitioning the thing and as far as i can tell got no where any suggestions?

    • Hi Robert,
      Will it boot from your Windows CD and begin Windows Setup?

      Under what circumstances are you getting the error? i.e., CD in, No CD, etc?


      • what it does is this it starts loading files from win cd disk then it gets to the point of recovery, install or exit then when ya hit install it says it cant find the hd, well, i know it is there the bios reads it i used the ultimate bootdisk but hell, i dont knwo enough of what im doing to use the blasted thing and now im debateing on drinking and i dont drink!

        • Sounds like you are not having a good time of it alright!

          OK, if the Windows CD is booting and getting to the Windows Setup stage then that’s OK. If Windows Setup is not seeing the HD then it’s likely that there is a problem with the hard disk (even if the BIOS sees it) OR you are missing drivers for the HD or you need to change a BIOS setting.

          Can you tell me the exact error from Windows Setup? Is it the error: “Setup did not find the hard disk”?

          If so, have you tried this article: https://www.proposedsolution.com/solutions/windows-xp-setup-setup-did-not-find-any-hard-disk-drives/


          • Setup did not find the hard disk”? that is exactly what it says and i do nto know why corrupt disk? or bios setting is wrong one of the two no i have not looked at article but i shallright now!

        • also if this helps at all, there is no OS upon the hd which makes me suspect that it is corrupt but if you do have any ideas i would ever be so grateful

          • Setup did not find the hard disk”? that is exactly what it says and i do not know why corrupt disk? or bios setting is wrong one of the two no i have not looked at article but i shall right now!

          • ok read article and copied and pasted it so when i get home i can look at what im reading while i subject myself to more mental torture!lol im trying to be funny and thank you for your help it is so much appreciated

        • Robert,
          you may need to type format /s at the dos prompt on the drive that you want to install the OS. you’ll need two hard drives. transfer over any importaint data first with the copy *.* to d: where d: is the the second hard drive.
          it could also be that you have a faulty hard drive with bad sectors and may need another one.
          if you don’t have a problem with the hard drive and you have a a: drive for a diskette, then you can create a boot diskette from windows 95/98/ME and at the a drive prompt, type sys c: where c is you main hard drive where your trying to install your operating system. or just copy them over manually: at a: copy *.* c:

  15. ok, i thought that i would leave a update upon previous computer prob i was and still am having, first nothing worked at all, xp or trying to re install vista which makes me believe that this hunk of junk of a lap top a sony viao is a instrument of satan! so i told my brother as it belongs to him that the deal is the bios as there is something in there and it is just all messed up and i cant change that or i do not know how anyways, so thank you for your help!

  16. I am having dificulty in fixing NTLDR is missing. I do not have a recovery discs and I cannot access anything, the pc is coming up NTLDR is missing and thats all I get, I cant type in any commands absolutley nothing, nay suggestions besides throwing it off the top of a building

    • Hi Basil,

      Option 4 on this page (BCUPDATE2) is your most likely solution.

      To run it, you’ll have to create a bootable disk or CD and then copy bcupdate.exe onto that bootable disk or cd. You’ll have to do this on another PC.


  17. I have an Acer Aspire One AOA150 and I keep getting the message NTLDR is missing press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart and it just does it over and over. I don’t have a disc drive so I am trying to get some help using my usb drive. I have eRecovery built in but that doesnt work and ends up getting an error. So I need some help on what to do.

    Thank You,

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Your options are indeed limited –

      Option 1) You could borrow or buy an external usb CD/DVD drive and borrow a Windows XP CD and boot to the recovery console using that.

      Option 2) You could attempt to create a bootable USB flash drive. To this you’ll need another PC to work on, a Windows XP cd, a USB thumb drive and software to make it. You could try Win2Flash https://wintoflash.com/home/en/ …there are probably others.


  18. i have a problem with my Acer Aspire One ZG5. when im trying to format my laptop an error occurred and restoration failed. it says that i should restart my computer and when i did there’ this Ntldr is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart. please help me in fixing this one

  19. Yes, I too have the “NTLDR is missing” problem. I was replacing the HD on my daughters PC with a new/second hand 80Gb one (previous 20Gb HD was corrupted). The computer was previously running XP which I loaded from bootable XP CD a couple of years ago. I first formatted the new HD, placed the ‘MASTER’ jumper on the HD, selected CD ROM as first boot device and ended up with the “NTLDR is missing” message (over and over). Should the new HD have been FAT32 formatted? I formatted a second HD and got the same message. Should I remove the ‘MASTER’ jumper from the HD? Can you please offer some assistance?

    • Hi Glenn,

      I presume you’re starting fresh, i.e., you’re now trying to do a clean install of Windows on the new hard disk?

      If so, Windows Setup will handle the formatting of the drive. At the moment you need to concentrate on getting the PC booting from the Windows XP CD and getting into WIndows setup.

      Firstly your jumpers – if you have your hard disk set as Master then the CD (if on the same cable) must be set as Slave. If they’re using different cables with no other devices on the cables then set them both as Master or Cable Select.

      Then enter your BIOS and make sure they are detected correctly and set your boot order as CD first, HDD second.

      Now enter the Windows CD and try to boot into Windows setup.

      A further thought is that if you’re seeing the NTLDR error then it looks like you already have something on the new HDD. Did you copy Windows onto it or attempt to install it already?


      • Rosco, Yes I am doing a clean install. I formatted an 80Gb HDD on another computer using an external IDE dock. I assumed that this would wipe any previous data.

        At first I used quick format but when I got the NTLDR is missing message I went back and formatted another HDD and did not use quick format – however same NTLDR issue.

        The CD-ROM and HDD are using separate IDE cables. The BIOS finds them and I have set CD as boot device 1 and HDD as 2. Really a bit stumped now. Cheers Glenn.

        • Glenn, if your CD is not booting then it could be a problem with the actual CD itself. Have you tried to boot another PC using the Windows CD you have?

          Perhaps you need to press a key during the boot process to trigger the CD boot.

          What is the manufacturer/model of the PC?


          • Rosco,

            The motherboard is an AOpen and I still cannot boot the computer to boot from the CD. In fact now the computer won’t recogise any key boards either (whether it’s a USB key board or PS2 type).

            Regards Glenn

  20. Rosco, I think it’s time I finally accepted MAC as the sensible alternative to PC’s. My other daughters computer received an AW SNAP message followed by a reload page request which she clicked. Now the OS (Windows XP) won’t load and again I tried (as with my younger daughters computer – which is still dead), to use the restore from disc feature. This failed as many folders would not load to the HDD. So I final option was a reformat and fresh install. This failed also as the NTLDR is missing is now the only message I receive – despite altering the BIOS to boot first from CD-ROM. I now suspect both my daughter computers have actually been infected by a virus which has even affected the BIOS. IS this even possible. Do you knbow where can I get the best price on new MAC’s.

    • Hi Glenn,

      You are indeed having problems.

      Yes – It is possible that both computers got infected by the same virus but you would be very unlucky for this to happen to both especially if both PC’s had an anti-virus installed and active on them.
      Again, it’s possible for viruses to attack a BIOS but modern BIOS have virus protection built right in so it’s unlikely.

      So, to get a status on both PCs –

      PC 1) Won’t boot from anything, no keyboard recognized.

      PC 2) Boots to NTLDR is missing message.

      Macs – Assumming you’re in the US, MacMall are having a clearout of their iMac’s because a new version was released yesterday.

      Here’s a short link: https://bit.ly/lKLyZW

      Hope this helps.

      Let me know what you decide to do.


      • Rosco, I am in Brisbane Australia. Both computers are quite old (more than 2 years). The status of both computers is as you have assumed. I will try and get them both to boot again even if I have to use a different CD ROM or DVD drive. They are really not worth the cost of labor. I will let you know the outcome. Cheers Glenn.

  21. hi sir, I have zenith laptop,in this it is showing NLTDR missing,and my cd drive also not working.What to do?

    • Take your Zenith laptop to a Computer repair shop and have its hardware diagnosed properly. Then you can discuss repair costs and hopefully you can spend your time in a more productive way.

      Humans are spending far too much time on machines. Who owns whom?

      • Thanks for reply.They told its windows problem.So that i have to install windows.As u know my cd drive is not working then can it is to install it with pen drive? If yes then How?

  22. I successfully fix “NTLDR is missing” problem. I get this advise from (https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000465.htm).

    Windows XP users

    1. Insert the Windows XP bootable CD into the computer.
    2. When prompted to press any key to boot from the CD, press any key.
    3. Once in the Windows XP setup menu press the “R” key to repair Windows.
    4. Log into your Windows installation by pressing the “1” key and pressing enter.
    5. You will then be prompted for your administrator password, enter that password.
    6. Copy the below two files to the root directory of the primary hard disk. In the below example we are copying these files from the CD-ROM drive letter, which in this case is “e.” This letter may be different on your computer.

    copy e:\i386\ntldr c:\
    copy e:\i386\ntdetect.com c:\
    7. Once both of these files have been successfully copied, remove the CD from the computer and reboot.


    Again i googled and followed (https://www.informationweek.com/news/185301251?pgno=1)

    * Boot from your XP Setup CD and enter the Recovery Console
    * Run “Attrib -H -R -S” on the C:\Boot.ini file
    * Delete the C:\Boot.ini file
    * Run “Bootcfg /Rebuild”
    * Run Fixboot

    i couldn’t run Bootcfg /rebuild, so i run chkdsk. Later on when i reboot, my win xp is up and running normal again!!

    Thanks google and those websites who had helped 🙂

  23. can i also apply these with my usb bootable that has a xp os? or can i only apply these in a cd and only windows 95/98/me not xp.. pls help thankz

    • The attrib command does not have the required switches enabled when using the Windows XP recovery console from the Windows XP cd which is why you are directed to use a Windows 98/95/ME boot disk.


      • do you a windows 98/95/me then? pls let me have it. or if you dont have what part of my laptop can i have to replace if i cant solve this problem. is it the hard disk or the processor. thank you.. i wanted to replace the hard disk but not so sure if it is the one i have to replace.. thankx

  24. hi i tried to use hiren cd boot and i scanned bad sector in my harddisk after scanning and fixing bad sector i never receive the ntldr is missing error but i cant still use my bootable cd to format it.. is there still chance here or my hard disk to be fixed? i have a windows 98 cd here but dint boot up. wonder why my xp does but it will hung up after loading files same with w7. i need to try 95/98/me but all i have is 98 and dint work out!!! pls help me..

    • Hi luster.

      Ok tell me what happens when u try to boot with no cd?

      What OS have you got installed? Win xp or Win 7?





  26. Rosco, Finally (for some unknown reason, and after many attempts) the OS loaded successfully (on one computer only). I have now restored this to be a fully operational PC (what a marathon). I have another question you might be able to help me with. I have a ASUS laptop with two OS (XP and VISTA). I don’t use XP and I am also considering upgrading to Windows 7. If I install windows 7 will it install as a single OS or will I still be left with XP or VISTA. I only want one OS.

    • Hi Glenn…well done for your persistance 🙂

      When you’re installing Windows 7 you can choose to re-partition your hard disk. When you do this you will effectively be wiping the hard disk clean (which means deleting XP & Vista too) and then Windows 7 will install on the clean hard disk as your single operating system.


  27. hi,my dell laptop has the same problem i turned it on and the press Alt+Ctrl+Del appeared and i did that but it kept reappearing.before my little brother had just in an anti-virus and i think he may have deleted some important system software.i dont have a windows xp disk,what should i do pliz help.

  28. the problem is that i cannot boot a windows cd and
    ” press any key to boot from cd ” message does not appear.
    please help

  29. hi, when formating my lenovo laptop suddenly switched and foormat was stopped mean while. after some time am trying to do format it displays “NTLDR MISSING, ALT+CTRL+DEL TO RESTART”. AM BOT GETTING MY PREVOIUS VERSIONS ALSO. ANYBOdy can answer for this and solve my problem.. thank u..

  30. hello sir,

    for some reason, it’s not working for me. it looks like the virus is loaded into memory. i tried 3 different hard drive, and still shows the same image, “VIRUS” alert. (this is after doing fdisk) i’m assuming the virus is stored in memory somewhere.

    • Hi allen,
      NTLDR is missing is not related to a virus alert. Are you getting NTLDR is missing error also?

      Explain the boot screens you see.


      • yes. I”m getting the NTLDR missing, same exact screen you have shown. It all started from a virus. So i decided to just reformat the H.D. but unfortunately, windows will not load anymore, a message will pop up indicating “virus” alert. here’s the exact message whenever i tried to “fdisk” or install fresh copy of windows “BootSector Write! VIRUS: continue (Y/N)”. Then the computer will just freezes. I tried Fdisk / same exact message will appear. I’ve tried 3 different hard drives, so, I’m assuming the virus is somewhere not in the H.D.

    • its possible that you have a boot sector virus. you have to be careful with this type of virus because it can transfer to anything that is connected to it (i.e. through USB ports or IDE cables, etc).
      solution: run an anti-virus program to eliminate it

  31. me again, allen, i forgot to mention, this line bcupdate2.exe C: /F after using boot disk, will not work in dos mode.


  32. Hello,
    The laptop came with an windows operating system.
    I switched the hard drive with another one from a second laptop that had linux installed on it.
    I turned it on. now when it boots, multicolored blinking dots appear on a black screen and the message at the top is “A disk read error occurred CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart”.
    so i put the windows XP Pro in the CD Drive and turned it off. when it was turned on, it installed windows no problem. 😀
    but i wanted XP Home so that I can have Service Pack 2 to be able to install a much need program, so I formatted the hard drive.
    after formating the drive, i still get this “disk read error” message when i turn it on. so i repeated the process and put the windows disk in and turned it off. i put the windows home disk into the cd drive. when i turned it back on, i’m not able to install windows as before. so this time i even tried the original windows xp pro disk again — nothing. 😥
    I can’t get to the dos prompt to be able to type anything. and when i restart, it gives me the same message. no matter how many times that i restart. do you think a driver or utility disk will help? :bounce:

    :Formatted Drive :sleep:
    :No Dos Prompt :hello:
    :The F2 & F8 Boot Options are not available, for [“safe mode”, “command prompt”, and “boot from cd”]
    :The only boot options that it does have instead is [“boot from Multibay”, “boot from Hard Drive”, or “boot from NIC”] (is NIC boot from the Network? if it is boot from the internet, since i have formated the drive and there is no operating system on it, and the network connection has not been set up yet, it seems like it would be impossible to boot from this option while the computer is in its current state)
    :When i put a CD in the drive, whether it the Windows CD or Linux OS, nothing seems to boot from the CD or to give a message indicating that it is trying to boot from the cd :fou: :pt1cable:
    :Very Limited Bios (i can’t tell whether there is a listing for the CD drive, as not even an empty space such as “none” shows up under its listing; however, the bios does list the hard drive and it detects it)

  33. Dear Sir,

    for some reason does not work for me. seems that the virus is loaded into memory. I tried three different hard disk, and still shows the same image, “VIRUS” alert. (This is after fdisk) I guess the virus is stored in memory somewhere.

    • sounds like a boot sector virus. you don’t need 3 hard drives — what you need is a good virus protection program. if you do have a boot sector virus, be careful about plugging ‘anything’ into any infected hardware. it may have only started on one, but now you may have infected 3 hard drives with the virus!!!!!!

  34. i have already solved the problem by install my windows copy again (windows xp) all try that and if it solved tell me xD

  35. NTLDR missing… I have no WinXP CD to insert and no way to access any of the myriad of so-called wizard fixes that people have written about. The computer has worked flawlessly until today, so this boot error is bewildering. The BIOS doesn’t allow USB drive as a Boot option, the Computer itself does not have a 3.5 Floppy Drive and the CD/DVD-RW drive on my other Baby refuses to write any CD/DVD at all… telling me I have to format it or just gives up and seals an empty disc that is then smashed to pieces !!! The offending PC is a Packard Bell Tower.. not a Lappy. Suggestions to gt it running again most welcome !!! Thanks

  36. DESCONECTEN el cable de red, este causa conflicto y no permite al CD arrancar

    UNPLUG the net cable, it causes a conflict that doesn`t allow the CD to Boot

  37. Hi, I have a Hi Grade C2000 laptop running Windows XP SP3 – I originally had the laptop bought for me under the Disabled Students’ Allowance back in 2004 here in the UK. It saw me all through University, but was later replaced – I kept it as a spare/back-up machine and didn’t use it for several years – it got some ad-hoc use when mine went in for repair but that’s about it. I just got it out a few days ago to bring it back into use for a friend whose Netbook is going in for repair and discovered this problem.

    When I first tested it, there were lots of errors coming up, blue screens of death requiring system reboots and all sorts, so I considered it needed a recovery. I searched for my Knoppix disk which had my original back-ups on there and couldn’t find it, so found a Windows XP Pro disk and tried that. I ran a full format, as there was nothing important on the laptop. The format completed successfully.

    After formatting, my XP disk went on to try and copy files, getting to around 36-44% before stopping and saying that a file could not be copied or was not copied correctly. Some of these files (according to various Internet sources) were skippable so I did – they were non-system software apparently. After multiple failed attempts with the same result but a different selection of files errored and a combination of no re-format, quick re-format and full re-format options being used, I started to get the error message we’re all talking about – “NTLDR is missing. Press ctrl + alt + del to restart”. So I did – and it did it again.

    It didn’t matter whether I had the CD in or not – the same message still came up. I was (until a few hours ago) able to get to the XP set-up stage and start the files copying etc. but suddenly it’s started not getting that far – I now can’t boot from CD-ROM or USB because the NTLDR message comes up too quickly. I always, throughout all this, made sure CD-ROM was top priority in the boot order (or USB when trying that).

    The only thing I’m sure of is that it’s not the exact CD – I’ve got one more and that does the same – and it’s not the CD-ROM drive – a Vinux (Linux for the visually impaired) disk worked but didn’t require loading onto the hard drive.

    After much Googling around I’ve found you guys – I don’t want to be dramatic but it looks likely that you’re my last best hope before the skip! Here’s hoping you can help!



    • Neana,
      You’re asking for trouble if you’re skipping files during the Windows install process.

      I’d suggest cleaning your CD and try reformattng and installing again. If the same thing happens, try a new CD or try your existing CD in another PC.


  38. I tried everything but it still appears the “ntldr is missing” I installed windows XP then I installed another fresh window because the other one was the older version and now the new version doesn’t work too swell as the older version, please help how to solve this problem

  39. I am unable to format my system because whenever I am starting my PC I am getting Error
    NTLDR Missing
    Press Alt+Ctr+Del to restart the computer.

    I tried 3 to 4 times from different different Win XP CD’s service pack 2 and service pack 3, but same error is appearing on screen.Previously Win XP service pack 2 OS is installed in the system.
    Please help.

  40. Hi all,
    Just to let you know my problem is now solved. I took the laptop to the local computer repair shop and they tested the memory – it turned out that one of my sticks of RAM was faulty so they removed it and did a clean install of Windows XP. It now works fine.


  41. My PC just developed this problem after the missus did some fragmentation to speed up the computer. The problem is that pressing ctrl+alt+del is not being responsive. At first I thought it was the keyboard but this is not the case. The advice above is assuming I will go past this stage. Any help please?

  42. @Neana, sadly they probably just blamed the problem on faulty memory so they could up-sell you more, when all that was needed was the reinstall, if that, even.

  43. I have similar problem when I was formatting a desktop system and it brought the above information but the sytem was not seeing the drive so I changed the Bus cable and it worked for me

  44. ntldr is missing. When i install windos xp os, error apears
    0x00000074 (0x00000003,0x00000002,0x80087000,0xc000014c)
    so what should i do?

  45. For Hiren’s option fix “NTLDR” dll it cribs corrrupted.que lacks in the boot of Winxp I solved like this, I ordered to correct and there Windows Xp usually opened or be, the dll was corrected

  46. I was fixing a friends laptop. It was so bad I decided to do a clean install. Half way thru the install it quit. So I restarted and got a blue screen. I tried to restart again.and the NTLDR message appeared. I put the windows XP Professional disk in and it didn’t recognize it.
    I tried to boot with hirens cd but I still got the NDLDR message again. Please help if you can – MCB

  47. My System is showing NTLDR Missing at the same time it cann’t detect the bootable CD or any CD or DVD Only USB Ports are functioning.Is there any way to overcome this issue.

  48. Hello sir my computer shows a msg of “MTLDR is missing” press any button to restart. I have onserted windows XP CD but it is not booting. The same msg is repeated. Plz give solution.

  49. Hello sir my computer shows a msg of “NTLDR is missing” press any button to restart. I have inserted windows XP CD but it is not booting on restart. The same msg is repeated. Plz give solution.

  50. ok i have an iqon notebook for xp and got the ntldr missing message, in the boot directory it has hard disk/floppy/cd and lan for options problem is i dont have the boot disk and my other notebook (the one i,m using to send this) doesnt have a disc drive. i have a stick drive but the boot directory doesn’t allow for stick ….any ideas? great site by the way

  51. i have some error during os in xp installation time. the error is ur pc for dard drive so restsrt ur pc.so what is the solution.

  52. i have some error during os in xp installation time. the error is ur pc for dard drive so restart ur pc.so what is the solution.

  53. I formated my hard drive and I have the command.com on a CD. I try to boot the system with the CD, it continues to skip the CD and goes to ‘NTLDR is missing’ message. I would like to load XP on the hard drive.

  54. I added a hard drive to my desktop at home & loaded XP to secondary hard drive … booted fine from there. but I get the NTLDR is missing when I plugged into another tower. I have made it thru your step 3 above without resolution (step 4 will take me a while to put together). MY take on the fact that is has booted elswwhere is that it is MORE likely a hardware/configuration problem.
    any thoughts would be appreciated.

  55. I have a Eee laptop and I don’t have a disc tray thing and I press the start button on my laptop and it comes up with a black screen straight away and it says NTLDR is missing press control alt delete to restart but I do it and it does the same thig over and over again please help me

  56. I have a Eee laptop and I don’t have a disc tray thing and I press the start button on my laptop and it comes up with a black screen straight away and it says NTLDR is missing press control alt delete to restart but I do it and it does the same thig over and over again please help me I really need my laptop

  57. Hi Ross. I’m running Windows XP and have the same problem as above ie NTLDR is missing. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.

    I’ve tried booting up with the Windows XP CD and bcupdate2.exe from the CD-ROM drive. My laptop doesn’t have a floppy drive so I’d burned bcupdate2.exe onto a CD. I then found out that my CD-ROM drive doesn’t work.

    I then thought I could do it from the USB drives but in Boot Sequence in CMOS, there are only 4 options ie 4 Boot Devices :
    Hard Disk Drive, CD-ROM Drive, Floppy Disk Drive and LAN Boot.

    Could I utilize LAN Boot and if so, how should I go about it? Would there be other options?

    Thanks so much.

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  59. sir when I insert a dvd for format disk and restart my pc them my pc is open not format option create sir please help me

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  61. My NTLDR is missing and i am doing as it says to press CTLR-ALT =DEL and nothing is working.Its as if my keyboard isnt even working ………Help !!

  62. Dear all,

    I am facing the same problem “NTLDR” is missing. I want to install fresh windows instead of getting stuck with restoration process. when i give the command “Boot from CD” after 2 secs the same text (NTLDR is Missing)appears on the screen. I cant be able to install the windows. Please anyone help me to tackle with this issue

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  64. Hi guys
    I am having the same problem. when i turn on my system it says “NTLDR is missing. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.” i have tried booting from CD and it says press any key to boot from cd but the worse thing is that my keyboard doesnt work as soon as this appears. i tried changing my keyboard but its same. Anyone plz help me…..

  65. hello man i have a prob. here , i have a dell inspiron E1505 and i`m trying to install a win. 7 from a usb . when i restart and try to boot from the usb it gives me ” NTDLR is missing ” any help, thanks in advance

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  67. My friend said he just switched off his computer and switch it on back ? now it’s giving that message soo can we re run Windows again

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  70. I was cleaning my CPU. During the process I realised that for 4 years, my DVD drive was not connected to the motherboard. (Foolish discovery, really – should have checked long ago) So I connected it and turned on my computer, then this thing comes up. I restarted to no avail. Is there something wrong with my DVD drive instead?

  71. Hi – I have a Toshiba notebook 305. Most of
    These instructions say to use a boot disk of some sort- this notebook does not have anywhere to insert any type of disks. When i start the notebook all I get is the screen that says: NTLDR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. I can’t get to anywhere else … I’m

  72. Hi – I have a Toshiba notebook 305. Most of
    These instructions say to use a boot disk of some sort- this notebook does not have anywhere to insert any type of disks. When i start the notebook all I get is the screen that says: NTLDR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. I can’t get to anywhere else … I’m
    Stuck. HELP!

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