Windows 7 Boot Error: ‘some file’ is compressed. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart

Compressed files causing errors when starting Windows 7

Note: This article relates to Windows 7 only. If you are using Windows XP please see the article: NTLDR is compressed. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart

Windows 7 Logo filename is compressed windows 7 error

After switching on your computer or after restarting Windows 7 you receive the error ‘filename’ is compressed. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart on a black screen with white writing when trying to boot into Windows.

The ‘filename’ is different on different systems but the following have been reported:

  • BootMgr is compressed.  Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.
  • QXHDK is compressed.  Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.
  • NTLDR is compressed.  Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.
  • DFJEU is compressed.  Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.
  • VUFEI is compressed.  Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.
  • DGKAR is compressed.  Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.


A bug in Windows 7 file compression is causing this problem.  We can solve the problem by decompressing the hard disk as shown below.


Decompress using Windows System Recovery menu

1.   Boot to the Windows System Recovery Options screen.  If you don’t know how to do that the see this article: Windows 7 or Vista System Recovery Options
2.   On the System Recovery Options screen click LOAD DRIVERS button.

Windows 7 System Recovery Options Screen Load Drivers

3.   On the left, click Computer.  You should now see your Local Disk C: on the right.
4.   Right click Local Disk C: and click Properties.
5.   At the bottom of the properties box, deselect the box that says Compress this drive to save space.
6.   Another window will pop up asking you to confirm the attribute change. (the windows might get a bit messy so you’ll just have to move them around the screen so you can see them properly)
7.   Select Apply changes to drive C:, subfolder and files and click OK
8.   Now I would suggest waiting.  You will not see a progress dialog as it uncompresses the drive so give it a few minutes until your hard disk stops showing activity.
9.   When finished, cancel all remaining dialog boxes and restart the computer.

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  1. I got my tower back from the pc repair shop ( Great work on getting it runing again… FOR FREE 😉 ) I got the tower home installed some drivers and restarted machine… only to boot up to the “BOOTMGR is compressed. press Ctrl-Alt-Del” message. I do not have a copy of Vista or 7 and no access to the CD/DVD drive. I am looking for the file to DL (through my PS3) so I can use my 8G USB memory stick as a boot/repair disk. Pleaser Help.

      • I know I can not use the PS3 as a bootable repair option (ive tried) LOL. what I am looking for, is the info I need (not zipped) to DL straight to my USB memory stick. so I can just pop it into a USB slot and turn computer on and set the boot path.

        • The point is that you cannot simply download it to your USB, pop it in and expect a PC to boot from it. When you create a bootable USB on a PC the software you use makes some changes to the file system on the USB stick which makes it ‘bootable’.

          You will need another PC.

          • I was affraid you would say that. lol. now to hunt down a computer ;-( I will keep you posted Rosco. thanks.

            • So I FINALY managed to get the bootable USB thumbdrive proper file, and all, ACTUALY tested it in a mock crash, removed some specifig boot files on an older modle I got kicking around…. it worked…. pluged it into the casualty powered up! ……nothing…… drive not available…. X-( ok try again… maby there wasnt a solid connection with the thumb drive… power cycle… booting up select boot menu and select the boot from usb… small windows logo pops up…. nothing!!!
              hard drive is fryed, tried it in a couple of diffrent working machines as a slave.. no detection … same with the CD drive…. *UGH*! Thanks Rosco, for all the help though, appreciate it. ..

              P.S: love the site, its in faves now… will be in touch … PEACE!!!!!

  2. IT shows that SJHYB file is compressed………. nd the advanced boot menu does not open…. even thou i press F8 aftr the intel BIOS nd booting thng cums up

  3. : Reparar”laptop con Windows 7 ultimate presenta en pantalla negra BOOTMGR iscompressed PressCtrl+Alt+del torestart y no tengo Disco de instalación el lector de DV/CD no finciona, solo tiene dispositivos USB ayudame plis

  4. thanks a lot for posting this article, I would be mad if I couldn’t restart my computer again, and I totally don’t want to bring my PC to the PC repaired shop. There are a lot of top secret in my PC.
    Your article is helpful, thanks so much. Windows is stupid sometimes, It created the compress disk tool but also make the system is locked, damn. I used to use the tool with Windows XP, everything is usual but it is the big problem with Windows, I’ll never use it again, I rather buy a new larger harddisk.

  5. my pc has been just fixed 2 days ago!!….yesterday i installed windows 7.i saw dat dere was very less disk space on local disk i compressed it.den nothn was wrong.n 2day i tried to switch on ma pc……bootmgr is compressed press ctrl+alt+del to restart….i was so freaked out….i try it n d same thing shows up again….plsss help me…in ma bios dere’s no instrction to press F8…..i donno what i’m gonno do…plsss help me ma dad’s gonna kill me….plsssss

  6. F8 have nothing about bios, it’s OS comand. Just start your pc and keep pressing F8 key repetedly. Make shure F keys is on in your keyboard.

  7. Your are a genius buddy! Thanks a million for this, really helped me out of a spot.

    Just one thing, my message referenced the ‘exscp’ file (whatever that is). You might wanna add this to your article so that it comes up in search engines (in case people are having a problem with the same file).

    Thanks again!

    • Instead of C: D: or whatever, the X: drive it’s the drive letter assigned to the CD driver every time you boot from the instalation DVD of windows OS since Vista.

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  9. In my case:
    BEYLC is compressed. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.
    Google never heard about BEYCL, but your instructions solved it!!!

  10. I had OEMSY IS COMPRESSED AND I try to keep pressing F8 but still stuck on it. And it’s the on pc I got. Any suggestion.

    • Hello Henry,
      I don’t wanna be rude but if you can’t put your PC in recovery mode, maybe it was not a good ideia try to do it by yourself.
      But, if you wanna try it any way…

      You can’t just press F8 and wait, you need to press it, leave it, press it, leave it, repetedely, after bios load and before Windows. You could keep pressing it just after you turn on the PC.

  11. Dear Jarmando
    I have “BQGOF is compressed”.I keep pressing F8 but my system does not go to the” Windows System Recovery Options” and shows the “BQGOF is compressed” massage again.I checked my Fkeys if they are on or not. what should I do? pleasssssssse
    I appreciate any help

  12. I have this problem a week ago. I made a very big mistake by decompressing both my drive c and d. Only later did I realize that I was really thinking of “Defragmentation” and not “Decompression”. Anyways, I was able to do all instructions found in your site. From creating a bootable USB drive (CD/DVD isn’t working, i tried) to decompressing drive C:

    However, in creating a bootable USB drive, I changed the file system from Fat32 to NTSF and proceed as instructed in using unetbootin. (Formatting the USB drive not changing the file system Fat32 didn’t work. It only shows a countdown til computer boots but nothing really happened)

    So, I was able to open System Recovery Console and followed all instructions in decompressing drive c:. While waiting for it to finish, an error occured. that’s when another mistake came in, I chose to click ignore and didn’t even bothered to right down what the error was all about. I just remember there was a letter E and a series of 0s and 1s (an error code, i guess). Inspite that, I anticipated for a positive response from the computer. I restarted the computer when done and to my horror, “a disk read error occured. press ctrl+alt+del to restart.” showed up on my screen.

    I attempted to do the process all over again but the computer can no longer read my drive c. Instead, an BOOT X: drive showed up.

    Tried some solutions I found online but nothing really happened. I’m afraid my harddisk is compromised (hope not). A lot of important files are in their.

  13. Hey buddy – great stuff – so glad I found your advice you are an absolute legend for sorting this out for me!! Wish I could buy you a beer – you truly are awesome. BTW – my error (in case anyone googles it – I hope they end up here) was ULYFG is compressed

  14. I suffered this problem in Win7. Here is the solution:

    1. Scroll to the top of this page and see the image where it says “Load Drivers…”. Follow those steps to where you are able to click on “Load Drivers”. Click it, then hit “ok” and you will be taken to a Windows Explorer window where you can browse for files and folders. It looks like a “safe mode” interface: the graphics are big, the mouse pointer is clunky, etc. It thinks you are going to be browsing for driver files, but that is not what you will be doing here.

    2. Insert your original Windows 7 CD into your CD Drive and wait a few seconds for it to become recognized. Then, in the windows explorer window, browse into your CD Drive and right-click/explore. It will open up the first folder on the CD, and in that folder you will find the file “bootmgr”. Right click on the file, and select “copy”.

    3. Now browse out of the CD drive, and browse into your C:drive. Do not go any further into the c:drive; just browse to “C:”. Right click anywhere inside the files area of the C: drive and select “paste”. The file BOOTMGR has now been copied from your windows CD into your c:drive and your problem is now solved. In other words, you should now have a file on your hard drive entitled “c:bootmgr”

    Cancel out of the windows explorer browsing window, until you return to the Win7 installation screen. Cancel out of that as well and re-start your system. It will now boot, because the BOOTMGR file has been copied to your c:drive.

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  17. I have a Mac. When I press ctrl, option and delete key the computer won’t restart. Any suggestions? Hard boot just brings me back to BOOTMGR is compressed. Thanks!

  18. i have another problem,XUOCU is compressed pree ctrl+alt+del to Press, i click f8 its not work what i do i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Than for your input and that is the right solution gm for that particuler problem I used the same solution to fix my computer which a friend gave me so well done thanx again

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  23. BOOTCAMP SOLUTION! GUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSS, For those using BOOTCAMP on MAC having the same problem,I think I am able to help, I am using MBP and running win7 in bootcamp, just earlier today, I retardedly compressed the C drive on Win7 for space freeing up and could not start up!!! I busted my ass the whole day, went through all kinds of solutions, but they were just not working, or working that good, BUT! THE SOLUTION is, I started up in MacOS, and in Finder, browsed the Bootcamp disk, in its folder, I found the “JSZVU” thing… which was the problem for me in the WIN7 Booting, it said”JSZVU” is compressed , please press ctr-atl-delete balabala, and I deleted this file from the folder in MacOS, and rebooted the computer, and it worked!!!
    bootcamp fellas! go try it! hope it could help! I am typing in my refreshed saved Win7 OS! hahaha!
    Cheers and Good Luck!

    Jianyuan Zhang

  24. Hello everyone! I’ve a bug name CMOKD is compressed Press Ctrl+Alt+Del. Trying to restart several times always back to the same command! Some idea?

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  27. Hello sir….my pc is dell windows 7 330.system …[Pc error error : KZNER is compressed press Ctrl+Alt+ Del to restart ]
    Plz tell mi ?how to get system recovery option? & Solv this error problem ?

  28. I got SLAXC is compressed problem, and I cant enter my BIOS i have the windows CD. Please help me.

  29. Hi, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.
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