Domain – Owned By Apple?

In a recent exercise stemming largely from curiosity, this author decided to do some domain name investigations after reading all of the rumour articles regarding the impending Apple tablet/slate/big ipod style handheld computer. The results were interesting.

Apple seems to protect it’s product’s Domain Names through online brand protection company MarkMonitor Inc.

By performing a simple WhoIs search on many of the biggest and most recent Apple products such as,,,,,, and many more I’m sure the result is usually the same which is that the registrar is MARK MONTIOR INC and the nameservers point to domains.  See the example below – Domain WHOIS Record Domain WHOIS Record


This in itself is not a big surprise as a lot of large companies tend to employee third parties nowadays following Microsoft’s minor hiccup some years ago when someone pinched the domain from under their noses when it expired.

What is worth noting is that the domain name is also registered to MARK MONITOR INC (see screenshot below) and while the nameservers currently point to Mark Monitor’s own servers you can bet your stars that come Apple’s announcement at the end of this month that domain will be firmly point towards! Domain WHOIS Record Domain WHOIS Record


Mac OS X Snow Leopard for $29! | Shipping Aug 28th

Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Apple have announced today that they are set to ship Mac OS X Snow Leopard on August 28th.

Pre-order your copy now for only $29 for a single licence or for just $49 for a family pack by clicking here




Here are some highlights:

  • Full 64 bit support
  • A quicker finder with increased icon refresh speed of between 1.4 and 1.7 x what Leopard boasts
  • Grand Central Dispatch will allow the OS and Applications to take full advantage of the now common multi-CPU systems
  • You’ll be up and running quicker too with wake up and boot times reduced
  • Time Machine is set to run 50% quicker then Leopard
  • There are also improvements in graphics with Open CL & Quicktime X
  • The installation runs 45% faster and Snow Leopard will actually save you 6GB of hard drive space when you upgrade from Leopard – yes you read correctly – Snow Leopard is 6GB less than Leopard

As well as the many speed and performance enhancements, Snow Leopard will give us a few very useful improvements around usability.

  • Improving text selection in a PDF file.  If you’ve ever tried it in older versions of OS X then you’ll know it can be a real pain.
  • Application context Services menu.  No more huge lists of greyed out options in the Services menu
  • Improved Stacks – you can now navigate folders inside a stack
  • Improved Expose – it’s now integrated into the dock icon for the application.  Simply click and hold the application icon of your choice and Expose will reshuffle all open windows for that application neatly in front of your eyes.

HOWTO: Print To Your Mac’s Printer From Windows Using BonJour

Apple Bonjour - Make printing from Windows to Mac Printers easy!Printing to your Mac printer with BonJour

This article steps you through setting up a printer in Windows that’s connect directly to an Apple Mac on your local area network (LAN).


  • You attempt to add a shared printer that’s connected to a Mac on your network but cannot locate the printer when you browse the network
  • You want install a printer in Windows that you know is connected to a Mac on your network but don’t know where to start.


Connecting to a network printer isn’t always straight forward in Windows and especially so if connecting to a shared printer that’s connected to a Mac.

Not so, now that Apple have BonJour for Windows it’s quite simple.


Solution 1 – Share the Mac Printer & Use BonJour for Windows!

This HOWTO is based on MAC OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and Windows XP.

On the Mac

  1. Enable Sharing for the Printer
    • Applications > System Preferences > Sharing > Unlock (bottom left)
    • Place a check mark in the Printer Sharing box on the left pane
    • On the right pane, place a check mark in the printer you would like to share
    • Exit the Sharing screen and go to your Windows PC

On the PC

  1. If required, download the Windows printer driver from your printer manufacturers website. Windows may already have the driver installed.
  2. Note:
    Go to the printer manufacturers website and look for a link such as ‘Support’, ‘Drivers’ or ‘Software Downloads’. It’s the Windows driver you’re looking for!

    You’ll find direct links to the major printer manufacturers download areas in the links section of this site.

  3. Download & Install BonJour for Windows from Apple’s website here:
  4. Launch BonJour Printer Wizard
    • After you have finished downloading & installing BonJour double click the BonJour Printer Wizard on your Windows desktop 
    • Click Next on the Welcome to the BonJour Printer Wizard window
    • Select the printer that you shared in the ‘On the Mac’ section of this HOWTO and click Next
    • You must now either select the appropriate driver from the list or click the Have Disk.. button if you downloaded the driver from the manufacturers website as per step 1 above
    • After you have selected the correct driver, click Next..
    • Click Finish
How did this work out for you?  Share your thoughts in the discussion below.