Download: Malicious Software Removal Tool

Download IconConficker Virus Removal Tool

Note: does not ordinarily distribute Microsoft patches or software however in this case the file below is required in order to effectively remove the Conficker virus as well as other viruses. 

These viruses prevents users from accessing the domain and it s therefore necessary to provide this file as a service.


This is the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool which should be used to effectively remove the Conficker Trojan virus as well as many other malicious strains.

Further details on the steps required to remove Conficker can be found in this article:  Cannot Access Certain Websites – Conficker Virus Removal

Download & Usage Instructions for Malicious Software Removal Tool:

  1. Download either the 32 bit or 64 bit version of the tool by clicking the LIKE button in the download area below.
  2. After clicking LIKE the download links will appear.
  3. Save the file Windows-KB890830-V4.9.exe (32 bit) or Windows-KB890830-x64-V4.9.exe (64 bit) to your desktop.
  4. Double click the file to launch the tool and click Next on the welcome screen.
  5. Select Full Scan > click Next.


Download 32 Bit Version (Windows-KB890830-V4.9.exe)


Download 64 Bit Version (Windows-KB890830-x64-V4.9.exe)


Cannot Close Outlook Window

Microsoft Outlook 2007 LogoCannot Close Outlook 2007 Open Windows

When using Outlook 2007, you are able to open the program and open mails but you are not able to close the windows again using the X or Alt+F4.

  • You can open Outlook without any problems or errors.
  • You can send or receive mail without any problems
  • You can open a mail in it’s own windows but cannot close it again
  • You can only exit Outlook by ending the outlook.exe process in Task Manager

This problem has being known to occur because there is actually a tiny window open in the background belonging to Microsoft Outlook 2007 that you can’t see on the screen or easily switch to.

This is actually the window that requests the user to enter their initials like the one below.

This window usually appears when you run any Microsoft Office programme for the first time and this is exactly how we’re going to fix the problem.

Read on below for the solution.

Enter your full name and initials below

Solution – Close Outlook, Open Word or Excel, Enter Initials, Open Outlook

  1. If the Outlook window is still open then you’ll have to close it using Task Manager.
  2. Right click on your Windows Taskbar and click ‘Task Manager’
  3. Click the ‘Processes’ tab
  4. In the list, locate Outlook.exe, highlight it with your mouse and click the End Process button
  5. Click Yes to the Task Manager Warning
  6. Now open Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel
  7. On opening one of these programs you should be presented with a dialog similar to the one above requesting you to enter your initials and name.
  8. Enter these and click OK.
  9. Now exit Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel depending on which one you opened
  10. Open Microsoft Outlook again.
  11. You should now have no problems closing Outlook windows.

iTunes background has gone PINK!


iTunes Icon LogoDescription

In Windows XP or Windows Vista you’ve recently upgraded your Apple  iTunes to the latest version (7.71 or later) as prompted and when complete you re-open iTunes only to discover that the background is pink or purple.

There are no apparent options in iTunes to change the background color.


  • After upgrading iTunes the background where iTunes lists your music is pink or purple in color instead of the usual grey/white
  • The left sidebar in iTunes is a dark blue or dark grey color


This does not mean you’re music collection is a bit sad (even if it is). It’s caused by the color depth in Windows being set to less than millions of colors.  Read on for a solution on how to fix it.

Pink iTunes


Change Windows Color Depth

Windows 98 or XP Instructions:

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Right Click on your Windows Desktop
  3. Click Properties
  4. When Display Properties appears click Settings tab
  5. From the Color Quality drop down menu select Highest (32 Bit) and click OK
  6. Start iTunes

Windows XP Display Properties

Windows Vista Instructions:

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Right Click on your Windows Desktop
  3. Click Personalize
  4. When Personalization appears click Display Settings link at the bottom
  5. When the Display Settings screen appears select Highest (32 Bit) and from the Colors drop down field and click OK
  6. Start iTunes

HOWTO: Print To Your Mac’s Printer From Windows Using BonJour

Apple Bonjour - Make printing from Windows to Mac Printers easy!Printing to your Mac printer with BonJour

This article steps you through setting up a printer in Windows that’s connect directly to an Apple Mac on your local area network (LAN).


  • You attempt to add a shared printer that’s connected to a Mac on your network but cannot locate the printer when you browse the network
  • You want install a printer in Windows that you know is connected to a Mac on your network but don’t know where to start.


Connecting to a network printer isn’t always straight forward in Windows and especially so if connecting to a shared printer that’s connected to a Mac.

Not so, now that Apple have BonJour for Windows it’s quite simple.


Solution 1 – Share the Mac Printer & Use BonJour for Windows!

This HOWTO is based on MAC OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and Windows XP.

On the Mac

  1. Enable Sharing for the Printer
    • Applications > System Preferences > Sharing > Unlock (bottom left)
    • Place a check mark in the Printer Sharing box on the left pane
    • On the right pane, place a check mark in the printer you would like to share
    • Exit the Sharing screen and go to your Windows PC

On the PC

  1. If required, download the Windows printer driver from your printer manufacturers website. Windows may already have the driver installed.
  2. Note:
    Go to the printer manufacturers website and look for a link such as ‘Support’, ‘Drivers’ or ‘Software Downloads’. It’s the Windows driver you’re looking for!

    You’ll find direct links to the major printer manufacturers download areas in the links section of this site.

  3. Download & Install BonJour for Windows from Apple’s website here:
  4. Launch BonJour Printer Wizard
    • After you have finished downloading & installing BonJour double click the BonJour Printer Wizard on your Windows desktop 
    • Click Next on the Welcome to the BonJour Printer Wizard window
    • Select the printer that you shared in the ‘On the Mac’ section of this HOWTO and click Next
    • You must now either select the appropriate driver from the list or click the Have Disk.. button if you downloaded the driver from the manufacturers website as per step 1 above
    • After you have selected the correct driver, click Next..
    • Click Finish
How did this work out for you?  Share your thoughts in the discussion below.